Truth (pt. 3)

Hey Guardians! So, you guys may have convinced me to continue this story from October, BUT, there’s a little twist! I already mentioned this, but I just wasn’t very inspired to write this. So, I had the idea that my friend Liberty could help me with it! So, how it works is I’ll write a chapter, and then she will! I’m not sure how often these will be posted, but I’m thinking we can manage at least one a month, if not two(one on Liberty’s blog, and one on mine) Some months may have less, but I think once a month is a good goal.

Anyway, today I am here with Chapter 3, so let’s get started!

But first, don’t forget to read:

Chapter One

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Chapter 3: The Audition

I mustered up all the courage I could gather before walking into the auditions. I walked back and forth so many times that I nearly paced a hole into the wooden floor. Why was I so nervous? I’d memorized all of Cinderella’s lines and practiced them about a thousand times. There was no way I would blow it, so why was I so sure I wouldn’t get the role? I was a such a good actress that I once pretended to be Grace’s mom, even though I’m only a year and a half older than her! Funny story, I’ll have to share it with you guys sometime.

Anyway, despite being a nervous wreck, I marched right into the auditions and hopped right up on stage. 

“Did I call your name?” called a strict voice. 

I gulped. I blew it. I went on stage out of turn, and I blew it. 

“If you’d like to audition, you need to sign up over here,” said the voice. “We will call your name and only then, will you step foot on my stage.”

I assumed that this man was the drama teacher. Embarrassed, I hopped down and wrote my name on the sign up sheet. “What if I’m making a mistake?” I wondered. 

After what felt like hours, my name was finally called. Even though I was nervous, I was still an actress. I shook off my nerves and acted like I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that I would land that role. I aced the audition. I didn’t miss a single line, I hit every note on the song, and I noticed the stern drama teacher crack a smile. I was going to get this part. 

On the way home, Grace complained. 

“Did we really have to stay at school for two hours, just so you could audition for a play?”

“Yes! I did really well too!” I retorted. 

“Whatever,” she snorted. Grace had a funny way of showing her love. But then again, don’t all sisters?

When I arrived home, the first words out of my mom’s mouth were “Did you get the part?”

I placed the keys to our beat up car on the counter. “Mom, it doesn’t work like that!” I laughed. “I have to wait.”

“Oh,” she sighed. “Well, let me know as soon as you find out.” She turned to Grace. “Have you joined any clubs or anything yet?” It was Grace’s freshman year(I was only in sophomore year), so my mom wanted to make sure she was fitting in. 

“No,” Grace sighed, staring at her worn converse. 

“It’s okay Mom,” I replied. “I didn’t join anything Freshman year.”

I rumpled Grace’s hair. “Besides, I would never let my little sis get left out!”

Grace cringed. “I’m going to work on some homework,” she said, eager to escape. 

A few days later, the cast list was being posted for Cinderella. All the theater kids crowded around the classroom door, and despite being twenty minutes early, I was in the middle of the crowd. Finally, the cast list was on its way!

Once it was out, cheers from my peers filled the room. I struggled to see the list, but my best friend Scarlet has already noticed it. “I’m playing one of the ugly stepsisters!” she rejoiced. I’d never heard someone so excited about being an ugly stepsister before. 

“Did I get on there?” I asked, my heart pounding. 

“Mm-hm!” Scarlet sang. “See for yourself!”

I examined the list. My heart sank. I wasn’t playing Cinderella. I scrolled down the list to find that I was playing the Fairy Godmother. I sighed. 

“Wait a second,” I thought. “I’m better than this!” I marched right into theater club and demanded, “I’m perfect for the role of Cinderella! Cast me instead!”

“Well, you’re a bold one,” the stern teacher(who I’d never learned his name) noted. “But I’m not casting you as Cinderella.”

“Why not?” I asked, defeated.

“For one thing, I don’t think you know the first thing about the theater club. I have half a mind to not give you any roles after the stunts you’ve pulled.” 

I sighed. He was right about that. 

“Secondly, you’ve never been on stage before. You’re a good actress, but you do not want your first role to be this big, trust me! I think you would make a lovely Fairy Godmother. My decision is final.”

I ran out of the door and straight into the girls’ bathroom. I started sobbing. “I’ve worked so hard…”

Ok, so don’t forget to keep a look out on Liberty’s blog for part 4! I hope y’all are enjoying!


13 thoughts on “Truth (pt. 3)

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like her! I can’t wait to share more of this story! Make sure to check out Liberty’s blog for the next part though. (I don’t know when she’ll post it, but it should be relatively soon.)

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  1. ah diamond, i’m finally getting some free time to read this. OH. MY. GOODNESS. i’m so glad you’re continuing this… it’s so good! now i’m excited to read more. fantastic job, girl! ❤️

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