Playlist Swap with Enni feat. favorites and criticizing musicals??

Hello Guardians!

Recently, a few amazing bloggers(Sarah, Kenechi, Megan, and Clara…) have made playlist swaps. Well, I thought that just sounded like an amazing idea, so I was definitely excited when Kenechi and Sarah extended the challenge to anyone who wants to try it. I asked Enni if she wanted to do this collab with me, and she said yes!

We decided on 12 songs(because, obvious reasons), so here are the 12 songs Enni chose for me and also my thoughts on them.

Pretender (Acoustic) by AJR

I liked this one! I felt that the lyrics were relatable and also had a very similar tone as the lyrics of The Outside by Taylor Swift. I haven’t heard the non-acoustic version, but I definitely really like the sound of the acoustic version.

Cleopatra by The Lumineers

I have to say I didn’t enjoy this song all that much. I don’t know why, I just didn’t really care for the style of music or the lyrics. It’s not a bad song though, just not my thing.

Submarines by The Lumineers

Again, I don’t think that this style of music is really for me. However this song I liked even less than the other one. This song just had way too much going on for me.

As a preface to the next few, these are from musicals. I normally avoid musicals at all costs, but obviously if Enni chose them, I decided to give them a listen for the sake of this post.

I just don’t really like musicals because I don’t like it when people randomly break out in song, and most of the time, musical songs just explain what those people are doing. They definitely aren’t my favorite. I just want to make sure you all know that I’m listening to these songs and I’m probably going to be pretty critical of them.

I also have no idea what’s going on in any of these songs, because clearly, I don’t care much for musicals. (duh!)

Way Down Hadestown – Hadestown the Musical

I mean, for a musical, it’s not bad. I can kind of tell what’s going on, even though I clearly haven’t the slightest idea what this musical is about.

Ex-Wives – Six the musical

I mean, I can instantly tell that it’s a play about Henry VIII. Again, it’s a musical, so I’m not really a fan or the song though.

Chant – Hadestown the musical

Again, I’m kinda confused because I’ve never seen the musical, but the song is okay I guess. It’s kind of long, but I guess that’s kind of how musical songs are sometimes.

I completely understand the appeal of musicals, and I have friends who absolutely love them. I just personally don’t like them that much. I hope you guys realize I’m not trying to say that musicals are bad at all. I just don’t like them.

What’s Up Danger – Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

I don’t really like rap music, but this one isn’t that bad. The main reason I like this song though is because I know it from Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse, and that is such an amazing movie! I don’t think I’d ever really listen to this song outside of the movie again though.

New Romantics – Taylor Swift

I think you guys know by now how much I like Taylor Swift right? Anyway, I’m obviously extremely familiar with this song, and it’s my favorite off of 1989. I love this song so much.

(That wasn’t very objective, was it? Prepare for more non-objective opinions coming up.)

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince – Taylor Swift

You can probably guess where I’m going with this. This isn’t even the first time I’ve talked about this song on this blog. XD. This is just a really great song and I want to listen to it forever…(and it isn’t even my favorite off Lover =o )

Netflix Trip – AJR

Interesting concept for a song. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but it had a pretty good tune.

This My Soul – The Gray Havens

This is actually a really calming song. I enjoyed it. I normally wouldn’t listen to Christan music, but this one is pretty catchy.

All We Have is Love – Sabrina Carpenter

Guys! I love Sabrina Carpenter! She deserves so much more attention than she gets as a singer songwriter. One time, I heard a Sabrina Carpenter song on the radio and it literally made my day. Anyway, you can probably guess that I already loved this song. It isn’t my favorite off EVOLution, but I still think it’s a great song. (Psst, listen to this song live! It’s so good!)

I really enjoyed doing this! It was fun to see how different people have different tastes in music. I enjoyed listening to some songs that I would normally never listen too.

Make sure to check out Enni’s post! I picked 12 of my favorite songs for her to check out.

13 thoughts on “Playlist Swap with Enni feat. favorites and criticizing musicals??

  1. This was so fun! Hehe, I have a taste that goes across a lot of genres but specific preferences in those genres so it’s hard for people to share what I like. XD I totally get all of your opinions and this was a great collab to do!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YES! I was hoping to see a post like this coming from you (and I love the choice of *12* songs haha). Even though I said I’m not into rap either, I do like What’s Up Danger – even though it’s a tad cheesy I love it. Ooh, and after the songs you sent me I’m thinking I should check out more Sabrina Carpenter. Anyways, great collab! I shall go check out your songs for Enni now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I hadn’t heard of most of them either. AJR seems like they have some nice music from what I’ve heard.
      Thanks for reading!


  3. You both did such a great job.
    I’m not really into musicals, either, it’s just a taste thing, I think.
    I haven’t heard a lot of these songs. Honestly, I’m just not a music person.

    Liked by 1 person

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