Inktober Recap + November Bullet Journal Spreads

Hello Guardians! Welcome to November. Thank goodness this year is almost over…

Anyway, so as you can probably assume from the title, I participated in Inktober this year! I wasn’t going to, but then I saw Maggie and D’s incredible work, and I just thought, why not?

However, I wanted to put my own spin on this and theme everything to my bears. Which, made a lot of these harder than they had to be. But whatever. Overall, I’d say I’m happy with it, though I definitely think some of the sketches are less than ideal.

Like I mentioned, I themed all of the sketches to my bears. If you’d like to see my models, click here. But, I feel like most of you follow my other blog already, so I won’t do any self-promo.

So, yeah. That’s all you really need to know at this point. I’ll go into more detail as I show you the pictures.

(Can you guys tell I’m kinda tired? I seem like I sound kinda redundant. Oh well…)


Here’s an overview of the first half of doodles. I ran out of room though.


Here’s part 2.

(I apologize if the lighting is kinda dark. It looked okay when I took these.)

Here are the first two. The first prompt was fish, and I thought, you know who loves to fish? Chip! So, I drew him fishing in a boat. I’m really happy with that one.

Prompt no.2 was incredibly difficult. I mean, really. Wisp? The best I could come up with was Swirl as a fairy. It’s cute enough. Though, I ended up reusing the fairy…


I actually really like these two! For Bulky, I drew Tye in a sweater(I’ve made him a loooot of sweaters lately), and I think it’s pretty cute.

Prompt 4 was radio, and I took a little bit of creative liberty. I mean, c’mon? Who uses radioes anymore? So, instead I drew Petal listening to her MP3 player. It’s fairly cute.


Number 5 was blade. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Cherry is secretly a spy. So, naturally, I drew her with two blades. I’m not super happy with this one, but it works.


I thought I would end up hating “rodent”, but I actually think this looks pretty cute! I drew Cali in a mouse costume.

For Fancy, I obviously knew I had to use Candy. So, I drew her in a crown and pearls.


Teeth was an interesting one. It was definitely different from what I normally do, but I think Mischief turned out pretty cool.

Throw was really hard, and I slightly dislike it. I decided to draw Rudy in a catapult for some reason? I don’t know. It is what it is.


I literally couldn’t think of anything for “hope” But, remember how Princess Leia says, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope,”? Yeah, I couldn’t get past that, so Cloud is a Jedi who is the galaxy’s last hope.

I kind of dislike disgusting. I was trying to draw Claire sticking her tongue out, but it kinda turned into her throwing up. Yuck.


For slippery, I came up with a whole story. Mischief left a banana peel on the floor and Sparkles is about to slip on it. I’m happy with it.

Then, I couldn’t come up with anything for dune. Like, what? Then it hit me, I have a bear named Sandy! So, I drew her building a sandcastle.


For armor I basically just drew Gracie in some armor. I feel very neutral about that one.

Outpost was also very difficult. Eventually, I drew Cherie in a space suit visiting a galactic outpost.


Along the same galactic theme, the next prompt was rocket. I could’ve drawn my dog, but that wouldn’t have fit with the whole BAB theme. Anyway. I drew Rudy in a spaceship. Maybe he and Cherie went on an adventure in space?


Here’s Claire playing in the storm. I think she looks much better than in her first doodle.


I don’t particularly like either of these. The first one is “trap,” so I drew Mischief setting a trap for someone by hanging a bucket of water over the door. It is kind of a complicated scene, so I think that’s why it didn’t translate well to a little sketch.

Then, I tried to draw Cherry spinning. But, it’s hard to capture motion in a drawing. So, we have this.


Coral was incredibly hard. However, once I came up with an idea, it really came together! I’m really happy with this. It’s Candy looking into an aquarium.


I actually really like both of these. They’re really simple. I just drew Gracie sleeping and Swirl in a chef’s hat. But I really like them.


This one requires a lot of explaining. So, Sparkles takes dance class and this is during one of her performances. She fell and ripped her dress and also her arm. Which is why I drew a band-aid. Anyway.


For dig, I drew Chip digging, and for buddy I drew Cloud and Mischief because they’re best friends.


I actually really like this one. I drew Tye hiding behind a tree. Kind of like in this photoshoot. The tree looks a little funky, but I’m happy with it overall.


I always knew what I was going to do for this prompt. I drew Petal playing the guitar, and I’m really happy with it.


For float, I reused the fairy idea and drew Cali. I like it, but I don’t like how I used the fairy twice.

Shoes was interesting, because the bears never wear shoes. (Thank goodness I don’t have to make shoes for them!). Anyway, I simply drew Candy wearing converse. I don’t really know why. Candy would never wear converse. I wouldn’t either. I hate converse. (Not just on me, on anyone…just kidding. I had to do that reference though. I think converse are actually really cute, just not on me. Am I rambling? Maybe. Should I stop and rest? Probably. But whatever)


Ominous, uh, what do you do for that? I was kind of inspired by my Halloween photostory, so I drew Sandy hiding in a blanket. I have no strong feelings about this one.


I lowkey hate this one. It’s just such an awkward pose, and Cherie doesn’t even look like a bear? Ugh.

On that note, let’s move onto my November Bullet Journal Spreads, something that I am proud of. (This post is getting looooong.)


I rarely use stickers at this point, but I have a lot. So I decided to do a sticker heavy theme this month, and boy was it ever sticker heavy. Look at that title page!


I like the monthly overview. This was also the first time I ever did drop shadows, and idk if I did it right or not.


I used a cactus (Cacti? No, that’s plural…idk.) for my mood tracker, because a lot of my sticker had a cacti theme. And then my habit tracker is pretty standard.


Meals and media. And my blogging page is pretty empty. I always take these pictures before I fill that out, because I don’t want you guys knowing all my blogging plans!

Here I have some non-typical monthly spreads. I’m going on a trip this month, so I have a trip page along with a Thanksgiving menu. I blacked out where I’m going for privacy reasons, but it’s not really anything out of the ordinary. Then…I have a gift tracker, because it’s almost Christmas!(YAY!)

Whew, that was a lot. To think, I thought this would just be a quick post. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Which doodle was your favorite? I think Hide was my favorite.

12 thoughts on “Inktober Recap + November Bullet Journal Spreads

  1. Oh, this was so cool! You did a great job with the prompts, especially since you themed everything around your bears!!! They turned out so adorable and I loved seeing them. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw this post is awesome! I really like Outpost and Coral! And I think you did a great job for Throw – the angle does make it look like a catapult!
    OOH stickers! 🤩 very nice! Those spreads are so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They look incredible together! I really liked Throw and the one that featured Mischief. I think it was really creative to theme everything to your bears, it looks like a collection of pictures from their daily lives!
    The bullet journal spreads look amazing as well!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is definitely the cutest Inktober I’ve seen. I’m in love with your little drawings. I really, really love #6, it’s adorable.
    And then there’s the BuJo spreads! There’s so aesthetic. And guess what? My November spreads (or rather, what I got done of them) are cacti themed.

    Liked by 1 person

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