Studio Tour + 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

Hi Guardians. If you’ve been following my other blog, you’ll know that I recently turned a spare room that we had into a blogging studio. I just did a tour over there, but a lot has changed since then actually! So, I figured…why not make a bonus post over here with an updated tour? I’ll also be sharing 5 ways to upgrade your space.

If you like this sort of post, let me know. We’ve recently been renovating our house, and I would totally do a post on that if anyone was interested.

Let’s get into the tour!


Here’s an overview of the room. I think it looks very nice.


Here’s my BAB house. I think it looks really cute, but if you want an in-depth tour of it, you’ll have to check out the post on my other blog.


This is the couch. Which, if you’ll notice, is no longer blue. Tip no. 1 is to use a slipcover!

I had nothing against this couch, I just thought that the blue didn’t fit with the theme of the room. I’m obviously not about to buy a new couch when this one is already the perfect size, so I simply bought a slipcover! Here’s the link to the one I bought. Though, it’s since went up. I only paid $17 for it.


Whaa, the table also looks different? Did I get a new table? Nope. I just used some marble contact paper, and voila! It looks like a new table. But, I don’t forsee buying a new table for $6.


This pen holder is something that I got for my birthday last year, and I just thought it would look nice in here.


Here’s another huge difference, I painted the wall! An accent wall can be a really great way to upgrade your space. This color is the Behr Marquee Ballet Rose, but honestly it was kind of expensive, so I don’t necessarily recommend it. The color is lovely though!


This is one of my favorite parts of the room. The drawers were alreasy there, but I didn’t want clear drawers! I added in scrapbook paper. It was really easy, and it cost less than a dollar to do. I also recommend buying some scrapbook paper to have on hand for decor. I’d love to add labels to these drawers, but I suppose that’s a project for later.


Here’s another thing I’m really excited about, I finally have a desk chair! It’s so much more comfortable than what I was using.


Okay, my final tip for you all, buy cheap throw pillows! I got these pillows and the blanket from Five Below. Everything was $5 each. The blanket is very cheap and kind of shedding, but it’s super soft! I think these really tie the room together. Plus, they are functional too.

Whelp, that’s my studio as of now. I’m very lucky to have this. Be sure to let me know what you think of this type of post so I’ll know whether to do more or not.

11 thoughts on “Studio Tour + 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

  1. Ooh, your studio is so pretty and aesthetic! Great tips. I don’t have a studio at the moment, but if I ever have one I’ll be sure to follow your advice.
    Also, throw pillows are legit the best, and I will not be told otherwise.

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