Summer Bucket List

Hello Guardians!

I’ve seen a few people do summer bucket lists lately, and I want to do one myself. I really want to travel this year, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to. I also read a book recently that really got me in a bucket list mood. So, I hope you enjoy looking through these things that I want to accomplish this summer!

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Go to the Beach

You know, I live only a few hours from the coast. And yet, I don’t ever recall going! I’ve been wanting to go for some years now, but this year, I want to make it happen!

I don’t really know what I’ll do at the beach. Maybe read? I definitely want to take pictures. If I do go to the beach this year, you guys will definitely hear about it.

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That’s right, plenty of summer reading for me! I have a few reading themed posts planned for this blog and I need to read some books for those. Also, I hope to read on vacation. My goal is to read 100 books this year, and let’s just say I’m a little behind.

I also think it would be cool to attempt a “read for 24 hours” challenge. I wouldn’t read for the whole 24 hours, but all the time that I’m awake. I think it would be fun to try!

Attend Camp

I have Girls Camp that I’m supposed to go to this year. I want to go, but I’m also really anxious and I have doubts. I want to go and be myself. I usually kind of put myself in a box when I’m at camp and try to be invisible, but I don’t know, I just want to have fun!

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Make Videos

I made a bullet journal video in May, right? It was a lot of work, but I do want to do it again. I also kinda want to learn about video making and perhaps make some videos for my blog. I’m not really sure the specifics, so I’m just going to call this “making videos.”

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As some of you may know, I’m writing a novel! I haven’t gotten very far, and I’ve kind of lost inspiration. But I do want to get at least a few hundred words in!

I also think it’d be fun to try writing for 24 hours. I could switch between different projects and all…it’d be cool to try.

Finally, I want to write a short story that is separate from my blog/books. I’ll probably share it on my blog, but basically I want to think up new characters and write about them.


Camp Happy Heart! Yeah, I mean, I’ve already committed to writing 45 posts in 2 months. That pretty much takes up a lot of my blogging time this summer, but I haven’t failed yet!

Next, I don’t want to neglect this blog! I haven’t planned out what I’m doing on here this summer, but I do want to do more Saturday posts.

I want to work on incorporating humor into my posts. (help me guys!) Not for this blog, but for a sitcom I want to make on BABF!

Also, my photoseries’s! I need to edit and take photos for Aftershock and I also want to write season two of Back in the Day. Perhaps I’ll work on another photoseries as well…I do have like 8 planned before next summer. (help)

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  • I want to drive places! I’ve been driving a lot more lately, but I don’t know, I kind of want to just go on a drive without a destination in mind. I also think it’d be cool if I had a friend to go with me, but that will probably never happen.
  • I also want to work on driving on the interstate. It’s scary.

Visit Family

I REALLY want to spend a month (at least) with my grandma!

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I want to take more pictures. You know, document my life or whatever.

Movies & TV

I want to have a movie marathon! I also want to watch Black Widow in theaters(hopefully…)

I think I need to watch some more TV shows too.


When I’m at my grandma’s, we’ve planned to do some crafts together. One of which includes making a scrapbook of our dogs. (ROCKET!) We also want to learn how to use a Silhouette Cameo.

I also have 3 T-Shirts I want to customize. I already started 1, but I don’t even know what to do for 2 of them!

Home Renovation

We *still* need new floors and bookcases. And my parent’s room needs a makeover. I also want to reorganize everything and redo the BAB house.

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I want to listen to more music, refine my playlists, and write an album review or two!

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Yeah, hopefully when I’m at my grandma’s I can swim a lot!

Make a Friend

I have friends I guess, but I just don’t feel like I’m anyone’s BEST friend. Maybe it’s too much to ask, but I’d like to have a best friend. We could hang out and stuff! It’d be fun I guess.

That’s my bucket list for the summer! Hopefully I actually do some of it! I’ll update you all on what I did at the end of summer.

What do you want to do this summer? What did you think of this list?

38 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. That’s a lot of fun stuff to try and do this summer. I’m looking forward to the Black Widow movie too, but I’m more excited for the Loki show (June 9th!!).
    A few things on my bucket list would be –
    Work on my photography skills
    Master the art of making homemade Boba for Boba/bubble tea
    Watch both Fantastic Beasts Movies
    Prepare for next school year since I like being organized 😉


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  2. Ooh, nice list! I need to do a post like this..
    I definitely need to spend more time on school this summer :<
    And hey, even if you don't know Me irl, you're my best friend!

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  3. This is an awesome bucket list!
    And I can totally relate to the last one. I’ve been trying for that for years. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe someday. I hope you achieve it soon! ❤ And good luck with all the rest of your bucket list!

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  4. Ooooh, I LOVED this post, Diamond!!!!! First those are some AWESOME plans!!!! I totally hope you get to go to the beach!!!! I’ve only ever been a few times in my life and my fam’s sadly not gonna be able to go this year (😢) but I REALLY hope you’re able to!!!!! (And reading at the beach, is seriously like the best thing you could do in my opinion. XD) Also, that writing and reading for 24 hours challenge sounds soooo awesome. idk if you’d want anyone to try and take it with you, but if you ever did, I could honestly benefit from that. I had a goal to try to read sixty books this year and let’s just say it’s not working out that great. (I think I’ve read like 12 books…😅) annnd I’m trying to write three novels over summer break. Again, it’s not working like I had hoped. *realizes I should stop making such impossible goals* *also realizes I probably won’t ever stop* XD So yeah, there’s that. (Man, this comment is getting long.)

    Also, first off, it’s NOT too much to ask to have a best friend. You are SUCH an AMAZING girl and I couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t wanna be your best friend. But I honestly just 100% get what ya mean. I’m gonna be right down honest, before the blogosphere, I had no friends. After it, all my best friends are virtual and probably peeps I’ll never meet in real life. I either have terrible skills at friend-making or I’m just too weird and crazy for the sane people, but there’s that. *does not know why I just dumped all of that in a comment*

    Okay, this comment is too long and I should probably not send it, but here I go. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I hope so too. I live near one, yet we never go!
      I have a list of books to read at the beach too! It would be so fun.

      I would love to have you do it with me! 60 books is a big goal! Mine is 100, and I’m kinda failing…
      (12 books is still pretty good!) 3 novels in 3 months…I wish you luck! I think a 24 hr write-a-thon would help, and I know for me, having someone hold me accountable will totally help!

      Aww, thank you! Yes, my best friends are also virtual. I really want to meet some of y’all someday though!
      Hehe, I guess neither of us have met our irl bffs yet! I have one friend who I’m pretty close with, but idk if we’re BFFs. (I think I convinced her to start a blog…)

      No problem! I’m glad you left this comment! I feel like I know you better now.

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  5. AMAZING POST! This is a fun bucket list! I do hope you get to go to the beach! 100 BOOKS? That’s crazy!! And it would be amazing if you succeed! *gives you encouragement chocolate* YOU CAN DO THIS! I hope you will have fun at Girls Camp! I’m going this year too! 😁

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    1. Thank you! Me too.
      It is a lot! I think I’ve finished almost 40, so it’s possible I make it! If not, I’ll just marathon some really short books in December XD
      Me too! I hope you have fun!

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  6. Hi Diamond! That’s a wonderful bucket list you’ve made up there! I get the girls camp thing. My sister doesn’t want to go this year and my parents are actually letting her stay home for it as long as she goes to youth conference, so now she’s left me to go all alone. 😓 I used to have a friend in YW but it turned out she was using me to get to my other friends. It was not the best feeling in the world to find that out 😔.

    Ooh! That writing challenge sounds really fun!! I might do something like that for 12 hours if I can. I know how writers block is, it’s not fun to just stare at that blank screen. What helps me is to plot out things and develop my characters more to see what kind of decisions they’d make. (Be watching my blog because I might put something on there that can help you!! 😉)

    I would love to be your BFF!!!!! Idk how that would work though… who knows, we could live across the world or something. ☹️

    Ooh! I hope you’ll have fun at your grandma’s!! It’s always so fun to hang out with your grandparents. 🙃🙃

    Oh the beach, take me with yoooou!! 😂😉

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    1. Hi! Thank you.
      Yeah. I’m excited to go, but also nervous…
      It’ll be good to go. Even if your sister doesn’t. Ah, I don’t know if I’m going to youth conference this year! I just found out they’re having it. And I want to go to my grandma’s that month, sooo…
      Ah, that’s terrible! I used to have the HARDEST time fitting into YW, which is sad because that’s really where you’re supposed to make your closest friends. *sighs* But perhaps you’ll meet someone. A lot of my fellow YW are my friends now, but we aren’t that close. Which is kind of sad, but oh well.

      Ooh, maybe I should make it a thing! Another person also expressed interest in doing it do. I think it would be good to have someone to motivate each other.
      I don’t necessarily have writer’s block, like I know what I need to write I just need to write it? But I don’t want to force myself to write right now either.
      (oooh, fun!)

      Awww, awesome! Who knows, we could be neighbors! That would be hilarious.

      I know! My grandma is one of my best friends.

      I willlllllllllllllll

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      1. Oh no! Why do all the fun things have to happen at the same time?!?!?? 😂

        Yeah, I hope the camp experience this year will be worth it. My ward is full of… interesting people 🙁. That’s why I would have loved to have my sister come. Not to mention we aren’t very close and I wanted time to bond more..

        Yes! We could call it “(However Many) Hour(s) Writing Challenge; The Ultimate Writing Experience!!” And all the bloggers who do it can do a post to share their experience with it on their blogs!! BOOM, Diamond, I think we have a glorious idea waiting to be used!!!!! 🎉😂

        That would actually be really funny if we were neighbors and just didn’t know it. If so, HOW ARE WE NOT FRIENDS YET?!?? Like, SERIOUSLY!! 😆🤣😉

        Yes, beach trip!! *grabs sunglasses, bathing suit, beach towel, and boogie board (cause you always need one of those!)* *Jumps in car and drives however many miles it takes to get there* IIIIIIII’M READYYYY!!!! XD

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      2. My camp was amazing! I really hope yours is too. I think because of isolation, everyone was more willing to bond with one another. I feel like you’ll make some friends.

        I like that! I’m going to brainstorm some, and then I’ll probably announce it or something!


        YES! Actually, at camp, one of my friend’s mom’s invited me to the beach!

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  7. Great list! I have a few ideas of what I want to do this summer, but I haven’t written down my full bucket list yet. I definitely want to do some more writing, and hang out with some friends a lot, and definitely go swimming.

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  8. Oohhh, great list! I hope you get to do the things on this that will make you the most happy. 🙂 Also it would be just amazing if you did everything you said here, but like it’s amazing if you don’t either because it was probably filled with other important, special things. I don’t know if I’m making sense, haha.

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