Trope Talks ~ Love Triangles

Hello Guardians!

I had an idea during my hiatus…and now I’m introducing it to you all! I like posting about writing on here, but previously I’ve either shared updates on my own writing or tips on how to write. But I don’t particularly feel up for that right now, and I do like this idea.

Trope Talks!

I feel more capable handling this topic. Basically, I’m almost taking this more from a reader’s perspective and I’m going to roast talk about popular tropes!

I’m going to start with a rather infamous trope – love triangles.

About this trope:

If you’ve been living under a rock, perhaps you don’t know about this trope. It is usually presented in books with a girl who has two boys to chose from. Often there is one person that the author hints will be the final choice. However, sometimes love triangles can have two choices. (think The Hunger Games)

Anyway, most of the time love triangles are met with negativity. Readers likely will get bored, because they’ve seen this trope many, many times before.

So, are love triangles bad?

No! They can be done in an interesting way. I’ve yet to read a book that takes on this trope well, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I’m going to share a few ways you can spice up love triangles!

One point is not a person

Yeah, so what about instead of a girl choosing between two boys, she’s choosing between a boy and following her dreams? It doesn’t have to be two people.

One person choses to move on

If there was a guy who was debating between me and another girl, honestly I would probably leave the situation. If I’m not the clear choice, why should I stick around for some guy who may or may not pick me? The same thing can happen in fiction. Perhaps one of the people in the triangle decides to move on.

Main character(or any character) dies

There are a few ways you can handle this. If the main character in the love triangle dies, obviously no one gets picked and everyone is sad. You can also chose to kill off one of the points, making the choice obvious for the chooser.

Or, you can even have one character’s love triangle be choosing between a dead love and a living one. (not in a paranormal way, though that would be interesting too) What I mean, is let’s say we have a girl whose boyfriend died. She feels bad moving on because it feels like she’s betraying him, but eventually she finds someone else.(yes, I am thinking of Agents of SHIELD)


Perhaps you have a love triangle where you have a guy who is interested in two girls. Maybe one of the girls isn’t interested in him? This is a little different than one character moving on, seeing as that one would have never been interested.

I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface of this trope. I’m just tired of seeing it presented in the same way all the time. Tell me about some ideas on how to spice up a love triangle in the comments! I’d love for this series to be more of a discussion than just me talking.

Also, please tell me your thoughts on this series! If I get positive feedback, then I will do more! You can also give me ideas for my next trope to discuss!

20 thoughts on “Trope Talks ~ Love Triangles

  1. This post makes me very happy. I’m going to bookmark this to use in some short stories i’m planning on writing. Thank you for addressing this topic Diamond! I think we need to talk to Shannon about her love triangle… 😂

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  2. I do hate most love triangles, but I agree they can be done well! I’ve actually read some of these love triangles, and they can totally be done well. The thing that I don’t like about love triangles most of the time is that in one chapter the mc is like ‘I love him, he’s who I want to be with’, and then like 50 words later she feels the same way about the other one so decides on HIM… and back and forth and back and forth. I do think that all these ways to spice up a love triangle are good ones! I read a book in which the one part of the love triangle doesn’t get very developed before dying, which honestly didn’t seem ok, but still, a lot of times having a dead person in the triangle is a good way to spice it up!

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    1. YES! What were some of the books with these? I’m curious.
      Yeah, I agree. And most of the time it’s obvious who the right choice is.
      Oh, that would be kinda sad. But yeah, it definitely spices things up.


  3. Ooh this is an awesome series! I’d love to read more 😍💕 (btw the name you chose is perfect!)
    Gah tropes always have such potential, then they’re butchered 99% of the time 😂 I think it’s great when an author will set up a love triangle in a “predictable” way, then go PLOT twist!! and there are elements introduced that totally surprise you. Like in the movie Crazy Stupid Love, you suddenly find out these separate plot lines and love triangles are actually interconnected and it threw me for a loop! 😂

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  4. Oh-h-h-h, this was really interesting, Diamond! I don’t really read romance, so thankfully I haven’t come across this trope too many times, but I definitely know it exists! I really enjoyed seeing your thoughts and things here, and I would definitely love for you to take a look at more tropes–though I’m not sure if I have any suggestions . . . 🤔 I’ll keep thinking!

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  5. Oooh! This was a really good read! Now I’ve got all sorts of new ideas to work with!
    Here’s the love triangle I came up with,
    One person likes two other people, but likes one a little more. The only problem is the person they like more is actually considered evil to the public’s eye, so now they don’t know if they should go with them or the other one. Idk if that’s considered a love triangle, but that’s the idea I got! 😉

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  6. Yessss you know how much I loved the idea!! I’m glad you decided to actually do it 😂
    But, yeah, this was cool! Love triangles are definitely kind of overdone.

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  7. Cool new section! I love the ways you listed to spice love triangles up. Looking forward to more of these in the future!


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