Trope Talks ~ The Chosen One

Heyyyyyyyyyyy my diamonds!

(still have no idea what to call y’all XD)

Anyway, y’all seemed to like my Trope Talks series! So I’m back with more!

you didn’t give me any ideas and I had to come up with this myself, grr

However, these are fun posts to do, and part of the idea is that there’s a discussion so I don’t have to come up with a bunch of original content myself and you all enjoy them.

Today, we’re going to be discussing…

The Chosen One

This trope is where one person was “chosen” to do a specific task. (usually save the world)

The Chosen One is normally way better than everyone else but they also struggle with having soooo much power. Oh no! I’m too powerful! And I’m also a whiny baby!

Lol, sarcasm is fun. But anyway, if you couldn’t tell, I’m not a huge fan of the chosen one trope. I know it’s in a lot of popular books, and even some of my favorite books! But it just gets tiring to read about. It’s a very common trope in a lot of fantasy/superhero fiction.

Is the Chosen One trope bad?

Nah. I think most people like it, just not me. And yeah, there are books that do it well. Or at least include enough intrigue to where I don’t mind this trope. (like Shadow and Bone,)

How can we spice this up?

Chosen One from another perspective

Okay, so this would essentially be the same story. But, you’d be hearing from another perspective! Instead of the chosen one telling the story, perhaps you’d hear the narrative from the chosen one’s mother? sister? brother? best friend? neighbor? teacher? Or essentially anyone aside from the chosen one.

The Chosen One Fails

I mean, who says the good guys always have to win? Or also, what if the villian was the chosen one?

Anyone could be the Chosen One

Perhaps the Chosen One became the Chosen One through a lot of training and study? It’d make more sense.

What are your ideas for spicing up this trope? I’m eager to hear what y’all come up with!

Also, don’t forget to let me know which trope we should discuss next!

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24 thoughts on “Trope Talks ~ The Chosen One

  1. Goodness😂 Can’t say I’m a huge fan but I pretty much read everything because books are sCaRce (thank you, Covid). I agree with your take on it! And I’m so happy to hear Emma has a blog! For ideas, not sure if you’ve done it but maybe you could write something on sidekicks/ friends of the heroes?

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  2. Did I mention I love the featured image for this series? I love it love it
    Also please do Trope Talks on Comic Relief and The Best Friend because both those are great and have such potential 😂👍
    The Chosen One is… eh! Few can do it right. Just like all tropes they’re usually overdone. I like it when an author can surprise me though 🙂 lol

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  3. I honestly love Tropes, and no matter how cliche they are, I always end up loving them for some reason. I think without them they would be so realistic and normal and boring! Great post! I really love the feature image!

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  4. eek the chosen one trope… I think it CAN be done right, but I don’t think that’s the best trope, cause it’s kinda unrealistic and bland… MOST OF THE TIME! It would be cool if the narrator, or main character in the story, was on the other side- not on the side of the ‘chosen one’ character!

    Hm… tropes you could do… found family? Enemies-to-lovers romance?

    That’s what I can think of right now!

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  5. hmm, yeah. I get what you are saying. I think the chosen one can be done right, but in most cases, it falls a little flat and stereotypical.
    To spice it up, I agree, have the story told from a different point of view. Seeing the story from the eyes of a mother would be interesting to say the least.

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  6. My problem with the Chosen One trope is that whenever I hear it, I think of Harry Potter. Now, I don’t dislike Harry Potter, but it just keeps popping into my head and ugh.

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  7. These are really cool ideas to make the chosen one trope a little more interesting! It’s kind of annoying when it feels like you’re reading the same book over and over again. I agree that Shadow and Bone did a pretty good job of this!

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  8. I love this post!! I’m not a super huge fan of this trope either. I do find the idea to make the villain the chosen one interesting! Or maybe a double agent could be the chosen one, or the villains convinces the chosen one who was originally in the hero’s side to join theirs.

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  9. I have been waiting to read this post since I got it in my email! I basically hate The Chosen One Trope. But I do agree that Shadow and Bone did The Chosen One quite well. Like I don’t remember getting annoyed about it. In fact I didn’t noticed until after I read the books and I was discussing it with a friend. So I can enjoy The Chosen One but usually my brain picks up on it so easily and it bothers me each time.
    Also love your suggestions to make a more original and interesting Chosen One story! *files them away*
    I am brainstorming a Chosen One story (because I had a random dream) but it’s a twist on it because The Chosen One doesn’t want to be one because he actually a child from the evil elite group and he doesn’t care to save the world. Also it’s common for Chosen Ones to come up, fight against the bad guys and then eventually die. So that means he will also die in the end. Plus there’s evil Chosen Ones too. It’s been so fun to not do the trope expectations. 🙂
    As for the next trope to discuss… how about the anti-hero? It’s the only one I can think of. I am not good with knowing tropes.

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