(another) Congleramation of Recent Purchases + Shein Haul

Hey diamonds!(I think I’ve decided…y’all are diamonds now! Is that good?)

Anyway, I’ve been shopping some more. And I really enjoyed making my last post like this. So I have another one…

I hesitated to do this post so soon, since I did just do one in June. But, one of my other posts for the month fell through. Plus, I saw Miriam and Meg’s Pura Vida haul and that got me in the mood to do a haul. In this post, I will be sharing my haul from a couple stores, as well as a few recent favorites. I’ll try to link to what I can.

First up, I made an order from Shein. I’d heard of this website before, but never bought anything. With the cheap prices, I was a little bit nervous about buying. But, I figured with free returns, it was worth a shot.


The first thing I want to talk about is the shipping. Since this came from China(I believe), I knew it would take a while. Amazon Prime sure has me spoiled…

Anyway, I ordered just above the free shipping threshold. I do that a lot, because I hate feeling like I’m wasting money on shipping. I ordered this on a Saturday, and it arrived the next Monday. (to be clear, it was the next weekend. It was about 10 days.) Everything I ordered arrived, so that is honestly better than it could have been.

I ordered 3 pairs of pants, a pair of shoes, some makeup brushes, and a bit of jewelry. So I got varied categories to try.


Let’s start with these shoes! These were what initially tempted me to make this order. I love this color, and I’ve been looking for shoes like this for a couple years. And here’s the exact type of shoe I wanted! For $18!

The only problem…shoes are hard to get in the right size. Especially when you order them from online and sizes are listed in the size of another country.

I love the way these shoes look! And upon trying them on, I discovered that they actually do fit me! I’m very excited about that because I love these shoes. They’re very comfortable for heels. I’m very happy to have these.

(these are sold out)

Next, I checked out these mint green yoga pants. I again was kind of nervous about the pants, because again, sizes.

These ones however were a tiny bit small, but they still fit me. Besides, they’ll probably stretch out a bit. That tends to be what happens with yoga pants. Anyway, for $11, there a pretty average pair of yoga pants.


I was really excited about these pants because look at this color! I told you how I love this color a lot. But, despite all the yoga pants I ordered being the same size, these ones were way too small. So I will be returning these. 😦


I was a little nervous after the last pants being too small. But, I tried again. I absoulutely love the fabric these are made of! These fit much better than the other two, and this is definitely my favorite pair out of the bunch.


Next, I got these necklaces for $2. I think they’re meant to be like a friendship necklace thing, but I don’t know who I’d give the other one to. This is pretty much what I was expecting.


Here, I got 9 rings for $1! Not $1 each, just $1 for all nine!


I think these ones here are my favorites. I like the heart one a lot, along with the ones with jewels. They definitely don’t look like $100 rings, but they look like they’re worth more than 10 cents a piece.


I’ve been needing some new makeup brushes, and I set my sights on these $3 ones. I haven’t used them yet, so I can’t speak to their quality. I will say that they were each indivually wrapped in plastic which kind of felt like a waste.


Anyway, overall I would say I’m pretty happy with these products from Shein. I will be returning the red pants, but oh well. (I may or may not be planning another order from Shein in the near future! Stay tuned!)

Next up, I have a jewelry haul! The reason I have so much jewelry is because I found a $1 jewelry store while at my grandma’s house. (recap coming soon)

So, I let myself buy as much jewelry as I wanted. I still spent less than $20, including some gifts that will not be shown.


I might’ve mentioned before, I don’t have pierced ears. It’s hard to find good clip on earrings, but there were some at this store! I got a pair of blue ones, a dangly pair of pearls, butterflies, and some pink ones.


Then, I got this little turquoise ring. It matches one of the necklaces I’m about to show you.


Ahhh, both of these necklaces are very special to me. When I was young, I had an owl necklace that I wore all the time. It eventually rusted, and while I still have it, I don’t wear it anymore. So even though this one is a bit different, it reminds me of that one.

And the turquiose bear…well, I do have a blog about bears so, that’s pretty obvious.


The last thing I got at the jewelry store was this layered gold necklace. I like the look of layered necklaces a lot.

Okay, so there are the hauls. Finally, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve purchased lately that I have just been loving!


Blue light glasses! We talked about these already here, so I won’t go into detail. But I do really feel like these make a difference.


I’ve been changing foundations lately, and I think I’ve settled on this one. It’s not exactly a foundation, but a tinted hydrator. It gives light coverage, and it’s pretty easy to get the right shade. Plus, it’s $5. I like that part a lot.


Another thing I realized I should be doing is cleaning my face. I wear makeup nearly every day, and I don’t normally wash my face at night. *hides*

Miraculously, my skin wasn’t too bad. I just had some clogged pores(or something) in areas around my nose.

Anyway, since I’ve never been one to really have acne, I want to take care of my skin. My friend Miriam recommended this cleanser, so I decided to try it. It was a little outside my price range, so I may try the generic version next time. But anyway, this has helped to clear up areas on my skin, and I feel like a more hygenic person when I use it.


Okay, so I was looking for some cream blush in Ulta one day. Then I found this. The e.l.f. multistick is 3-in-1, which means you can put it on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. However, I saw that it was $8, and I didn’t want it as much anymore.

Then I went into Target and it was $4! I got Sparkling Rose. I tried it out and I loved it! So I went back and bought another shade – Glistening Peach.

I really like these. My one complaint is that it’s not the best eye shadow though. If you put eye liner on over it, it tends to get muddy. But otherwise, I love this.


I saw this shirt at Target, and I kept eyeing it. But, I have a lot of T-shirts already and I didn’t want to pay $15 for one. Then it went on sale! So I bought it, and now I have two baby Yoda T-shirts.


Remember how I showed you some oversized T-shirts I got at Old Navy last time? I may have gotten more…

Only because they were on sale.


I’ve only bought two books in the past couple months. (YES! MY WALLET IS GLAD)

Wildcard is one of them. I read Warcross a couple months ago and I was obssessed with it. I’m really glad I got this one. I now know how the story ends, and it was very satisfactory to me.


I went to a Disney outlet! I love Disney outlets so much. I got a Three Caballeros shirt, along with this gray one with the castle.


It may be a Disneyland shirt. And I haven’t been to Disneyland. (yet) But we can pretend,


Also at the Disney outlet, I got these Pixar pants! I wanted these when they first came out, but $40 for a pair of pants? Um, no thank you. But $10 is much better.

That’s my haul/recent purchases post! I think this will become a series because I really like doing them.

What did you think? What was your favorite thing from this haul? How often should I do these? What’s your favorite beauty product?

23 thoughts on “(another) Congleramation of Recent Purchases + Shein Haul

  1. Girl, I really enjoyed this post! There’s just something about haul posts that are so entertaining!

    I’ve heard a lot about Shein, but never ordered anything. Those heals are so you! You rock ’em, sis!

    All the jewelry is so cute!

    And the blue light glasses – yay! I ordered some and they recently arrived! I might do a post on my thoughts on them. But, they’re really cute!

    Yessss, Cetaphil face wash! I like that product a lot. Thanks for the shout-out, Diamond!

    I’m interested in the cream blush! I’ve always been a powder blush and bronzer girl, but everyone seems to be using the cream products, so I might try it! Also, E.L.F. is my favorite makeup brand.

    All the shirts are so you! Especially the Baby Yoda one.

    Yes, keep these posts coming! We enjoy seeing what you’re buying! You should do these posts every time you buy enough items for a post!

    MY favorite beauty product… hmmm. My favorites are my spoolie (that’s technically a makeup brush, but I’m obsessed with mine), my E.L.F Moonlight Pearls Highlighter (if I put makeup on), and my EOS lip balm (in all the flavors).

    I’m so happy Meg and I inspired you! Thank you for the shout-out, again!

    I love you! Have an amazing day!

    P.S. This comment is almost as long as a blog post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m so glad. Haul posts ARE a lot of fun. 🛍

      Yeah, they’re not bad. About like any other company😂
      I loovvvveeeee the heels! I wore them to church Sunday and they’re actually pretty comfortable. 👠

      😊 thanks

      I’d love to see your thoughts on the blue light glasses! 👓

      Yeah no problem! Thanks for recommending it to me. 🧴

      Yeah. I normally use powder, but the cream goes on smoother and lasts longer. I definitely recommend giving it a shot. E. L. F. is right up my alley – especially with the prices! 💄

      Okay cool! I like the idea of not having a set schedule. That way I don’t feel pressured to buy a certain amount of stuff within a certain time. 💵💵

      Ooooh those sound cool! I think I will try that highlighter sometime. It sounds cool. ✨

      Of course! 💖

      Love you too! 🥰🥰 I hope your day is great as well!

      P.S. I love long comments! ✍️(and emojis😂😜😎)


  2. Oooh, fun post!
    My favorite beauty product is probably EOS lip balm. I don’t wear makeup or anything, so I guess it’s also the only thing I use, but it tastes and smells so good!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh so much burgundy 😍 I think you’ve made some great purchases! Loved the necklaces too!
    (I had a mini heart attack because I thought you hadn’t posted about the stuffies but then I realised I was on the wrong blog)

    Liked by 1 person

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