Summer Memories 2021

Hey readers!

Um, yeah. This is the summer photography dump I’ve been promising. I don’t know why this post has been so overwhelming, but I’ve been putting it off. Anyway, no more of that! Today, I will be sharing some photos I took this summer along with a recap of what I did. I hope this proves to be entertaining!

You can see a bunch of cute dog photos here, so I hope that entices you to read through this long post!

May Photos


First up, this lovely photo of my dog! You’re going to see a lot of Rocket in this post…

But anyway, his pose and expression was just too cute not to share!

June Photos


Towards the beginning of June, I went to Girl’s Camp! It was SO nice to go after missing a year to the pandemic. I feel like everyone really bonded, and it was just a truly amazing year.

We stayed in the mountains. I loved the weather.


We were also right by a river. Also, we went both tubing and whitewater rafting. It was simultaneously fun and terrifying.

I was over a few little girls this year. I say little, but they were like, 13-14. I was glad to get to know them and also heartbroken at the trials they face at such a young age.

it rained nearly every day…just not for long

Archery was also something new that I tried this year. I really enjoyed it.

Also at camp, we did crafts and devotionals. I really feel that I’ve bonded with my fellow girls.

Despite the fact that I was ready to come home, I still missed camp.


The rest of June was mostly spent by reading, blogging, running errands, doing school, and watching TV with my family. I had to prepare for my month-long trip to my grandma’s house.


The final thing I did in June was go to this beautiful rock with my church group. It was so lovely and we had such a nice devotional there.

July Photos


On July first, we headed out to my grandma’s house! It’s pretty far away, but we still make the trek out at least once or twice a year.

Of course we brought our dogs. It’s not like I could leave Rocket for a whole month!


I experimented with some photography in the car…that’s this.


Aweeee, here’s my grandma’s little cutie. I think I’ve shared a photo or two of her before. Her name is Alyeigh and she’s Rocket’s best friend.


Grandma and I made this dessert for July fourth. It was pretty yummy.


Chap felt very patriotic…



I’m going to take a break. I recommend if you’re tired of reading, take a break and come back later. BUT DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK!

Anyway, I’m going to go eat strawberries now…

Except I can’t leave lil Rocket. Look at him!

Heโ€™s using my laptop as a chin restโ€ฆ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ

Okay, intermission over! Where were we?


Oh! More dog photos!

This is a portrait of all three doggos. I think they look almost like they’re posing.


Rocket sandwich…


One thing I did a lot of while at my grandma’s was go shopping. Look at this little Target dog!


And this book! It’s definitely going on my TBR. (seriously, what the heck is this book about? I’m scared)


I also got a new planner. I love the color! It’s slightly helping me get my life together.


What’s up?

The sky.



I love stepping into any Disney store. It just feels like coming home.


It’s a Rocket hat! I almost bought it but…I don’t like hats…


Why do I have so many photos of the sky?


Rocket wears my sweatshirt almost as much as I do.


Ahhh, we went to this cute little restaurant called Black Bear diner! I loved it so much. The atmosphere was just amazing.


Also the food was pretty good too…


Like my nails? I did them specifically for the Black Widow premiere.

Speaking of, that was a really awesome movie! I went with my family, my grandparents, and my aunt’s family. We took up a whole movie theater row!


One of my aunt’s dogs…


Another one of my aunt’s dogs.


Alyeigh was just tuckered out.


It’s a hummingbird! My grandparents have a hummingbird feeder and the hummingbirds come to visit a lot.


Here’s Rocket and Alyeigh. They’re very focused.


Here is Alyeigh as she jumps on the table. Naughty puppy.


Oh my! Rocket is so vicious!


It looks like they calmed down here. Peaceful, sunbathing doggies…


Rocket is so sleepy…


Chap looks very shaggy.


Here’s Chap and Alyeigh! On this day, the house was getting fumigated(or something) for bugs, so we had to board the dogs. Grandma and I went shopping and ran a few errands.


One of the places we went was a used bookstore. They also had records, and I just thought that was so cool!


Oh my! What big teeth you have!

July was a (mostly) fun month spent with my grandma. We made crafts, played games, saw family, swam, and I shopped a bit. The Olympics started, and I really got into watching them. I’m already ready for the next set in…just 4-5 months.

I was also away from my parents most of the month, and that was a nice experience. There were a few bad parts though, like I mentioned with the pest control and some other house problems my grandma was having. Also I still had to do school, so that sure was fun…

Anyway, the plan was for me to come back after July. But life had other plans. My great-grandfather passed away in July, and arrangements were made for his funeral. Because the funeral was in another state, and I had the dogs with me, it made things a bit tricky. Also, my parents were getting floors installed after the funeral, so that was another tricky factor. Basically, we decided that I would go with my grandma to the funeral, and my parents would come back a few weeks later to get me.

I was both excited and not excited. There were things I was looking forward to being at home for, but also I was overjoyed to spend more time with my grandma. She really is one of my closest friends.

Um, yeah. I’m not sure what else to say here, but here’s the photos from August!

August Photos


Here’s my August Bullet Journal spreads. I had absolutely no idea what to do for them, and then at Hobby Lobby I saw this scrapbook paper and I just thought…Toy Story.


I really like my mood tracker ;P

I ended up really happy with this theme!


His expression…


Here’s a self-portrait I did. It’s probably the closest thing y’all will get to a face reveal for a looooooooooong time.


I thought the reflection in my blue light glasses was pretty cool!


I am not sorry for sharing so many cute photos of Rocket. I will not accept any lawsuits of anyone who died of cuteness as result of this post. LOOK AT HIS FACE!


And…then we were off to the funeral. I rode with my grandma and her sister. Other than the fact that the trip was to a funeral, it was pretty nice.


We ate at this sushi place.

The trip was obviously a bit sad and somber, as there was a funeral. But it was nice to see some family that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. And I saw my parents again for nearly the first time in a month.


Oh! This was scary!

So the night after the funeral, I was exhausted. And I had to get up early the next morning to drive back, so I pretty much conked out at about 10. A little less than an hour later, I was shocked that my alarm was already going off! It was much louder than usual. I just wanted it to go off so I could sleep more.

Then I saw that it was only 11 pm. In my brain, that wasn’t possible. I opened Google to search for what had happeneed to the time. Then I got distracted by Olympic scores. THEN, I overheard my parents talking about a smoke alarm and I realized what was going on. I grabbed my backpack and room key and we all headed out.

We sat outside the hotel for an hour. My teeth chattered and my heart pounded. It was almost the most scared I’d been in my life. (but I’ve had a lot worse happen…)

Anyway, it turned out just to be a malfunction and we could go back into our rooms. But the adrenaline was already keeping me up, so my dad and I watched Loki until 2:30.

Then the next morning, my grandma and I went back to her house. I was pretty exhausted.


Anyway, let’s change the subject. Here is an in-progress shot of our new floors that my mom sent me!

I swear I will do a home renovation post. I’m just putting it off because it’s overwhelming.


Aww, they all look like they’re playing together here!


I baked a cake. It was yummy.


We also went to the movies. This particular movie theater was really nice!


The movie we saw was Respect. I liked it, though it probably wasn’t something I would’ve chosen to watch for myself.


We found a cheap jewelry store! So I of course bought stuff.


Oh, once we got back from the movies a thunderstorm started. It really wasn’t that bad, but the power still went out. Rocket was a bit frightened.


I *almost* bought this Winnie the Pooh wallet. But I didn’t.

Although, if anyone who knows me irl happens to be reading this…I will not object if you buy this for me. =)


My sleepy angel.


We got Rocket a new bed. The idea is it’s somewhat of a cross between a bed and a blanket…it is Rocket approved.


My invention…I call it the NachOreo.




Here’s Mr. Rocket on the drive home. I think he looks very cute in the sunlight.


Here are my bullet journal spreads for September! As you can see, I went with a sea turtle theme.


After I got back, I felt like making some smoothies.



Okay, so if I were to summarize August, I would say that I got to spend some quality time with my grandma. It wasn’t too different than July, except for the funeral of course. My parents came to pick me up and stayed at my grandma’s house for a little bit. Then we came home and ran a few errands.

And just like that, my summer came to an end.

Thank you all for sticking with me through this long post! I hope you all liked and if you read through the whole post, tell me which photo was your favorite!

30 thoughts on “Summer Memories 2021

  1. Whoa!! I loved this post so much!!! It was so fun and interesting to see what you did throughout the summer!!! My favorite picture is probably the one of the stunning rock that you went to! And all the ones of Rocket ๐Ÿ˜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diamonddddd this post was seriously so amazingly put together!!!๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    AWW dogggiessss๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’• rocket is too cute.
    your photography skills are really gOood
    I love turtle on your bullet journal spreads!
    i loved reading this! Love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw, I really enjoyed this post, Diamond! I’m glad you had a pretty good summer and got to spend lots of time with your Grandma ๐Ÿ’–

    Also that Toy Story bullet journal spread is ๐Ÿ‘Œ I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ROCKET ๐Ÿ˜ Also I love your bullet journal spreads so much, the Toy Story one especially looks incredible! Amazing photography, Diamond! Felt like a quick blast through your life๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’•

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved this post Diamond! The picture of the black dog reminds me of my dog when he was a puppy. I might have mentioned this before, but I LOVE your sense of humor. Can’t wait for your future posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. *buys winnie the pooh wallet and ships it to Diamond*

    If only the virtual stuff worked in real life. XD But at least you can enjoy your virtual wallet. XD Anyway, *cough* er, sorry for disappearing from your amazing blog like that. Apparently, I don’t get email notifications for your new posts, and I hardly ever open reader… so I need to subscribe to email notifications.

    Anyways I LOVED THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures were amazing and rocket is SO CUTE!!!!! I think my favorite image would probably be either Rocket in the blanket/bed or the cake image. What? I love food. XD And am kinda jealous you found a Disney outlet store! I wished there was one close to where I lived.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *receives package*
      AHH thank you Issabelle!

      Yeah for real…

      Oh really? Oop. I guess you’d better catch up then. =)

      Thank you so much! Awe yesss!
      Oh yeah! Whelp, the one I went to is about 15 hours away from my house…so I wouldn’t exactly say it’s close LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

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