Reading Books Like My Personality Type {Part 2}

Hi diamonds!


Nice to see you all here again. Today, I’m continuing my reading like my personality type series. If you missed the first part, check it out here. You’ll need to, because I won’t be re-explaining everything. Good? Good.

Okay, so where we’d left off, I had completed 7/11 of the books. I’d also checked out a bunch of books from the library and I hadn’t finished them all. I ended up reading 5/7 of those, which isn’t too bad.

Anyway, I was going to include 6 books in this post, but ultimately I just wasn’t in the mood to read the final book. But that’s okay. I’ll get to it later. Plus, I did read some pretty great books…

My next library book is Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. One of my INFP friends said this series was a childhood favorite, so I figured it would work well for this post. 

Okay, that was a pretty quick read! I liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite. Also, it is meant for younger kids than I. I don’t know if I’ll continue in this series or not yet, but it is intriguing.

Then, I decided to start my other INFP recommended book, The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer! I feel like I’m going to like this one.

I enjoyed this book. It reminds me a lot of the TV show Once Upon a Time. It’s fine, I mean, I feel like I would have liked this book a lot more if I’d read it when I was younger, but I still had a good time. I’ll probably read more from this series in the future.

My next book for this post is Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This book is typically recommended for the INFP because of the world. I think I’ve read this book once as a kid? But I don’t really remember  it at all.

That was good! I can see why it’s beloved by so many people. I can also see why it’s an INFPish book. It was very enjoyable.

Next…I’m going to read Animal Farm. The author, George Orwell is apparently an INFP, and this book comes highly recommended by my dad. Also, it seems pretty short, so I can possibly get this one done in one evening?

I was able to read this book in one evening! It was pretty good. I can see how personifying the animals is an INFP thing to do. I also feel like the message of this book is important and that a lot of people would benefit from reading it.

The last book I chose for this post is Anne of Green Gables, which is by L.M. Montgomery. This is recommended for INFPs. 

I enjoyed this book a lot! I listened to the audiobook for most of it, and that really suited this story. Anyway, I feel like while Anne is not an INFP, she’s a lot like us. She likes to look for the beauty in small things, which can definitely be an INFP thing. 

I can definitely see why this is a recommended read for INFPs. 

Final Thoughts

Okay, so overall I can see how each of these books relate to INFPS. I had a pretty great time with all of these books. 5 books were 3 stars, 2 were a 4 star and 3 were 5 star reads. So, all pretty good for the most part! I think my favorite book out of this series has been Winnie-the-Pooh, For some of these books in a series, I will likely be continuing with their respective series’s. I’m really glad I did this series.

And now, I extend the invitation to you. If you’re interested in making this into a post, go ahead! I’d love to see it. I would however appreciate if you linked back to this post.

Have you ever read a book based on your personality type?

19 thoughts on “Reading Books Like My Personality Type {Part 2}

  1. Yayyy, another part to this post! I’m still working on my version of this post, but I’m having fun so far! I love Animal Farm, and I absolutely ADORE Anne of Green Gables (it’s a childhood classic for me!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t even remember my personality type.. =P

    But this was interesting to read! It kind of shows how people get attracted to what is similar to them… You are an INFP, and you liked the INFP books you read (at least that’s what I am assuming)

    Now, I am curious whether or not I will like the books based on my personality…
    I might try it! First, I need to find my personality type-

    This was a creative idea, by the way!

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    1. XD.

      Yeah! It does. I can definitely see how all of the books related to the INFP, and while they weren’t exactly all new favorites, I did enjoy them!

      Oooh, you should try it! Let me know what you are if you take the test.

      Aww, thank you!

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