Summarizing September 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

Greetings diamonds.

It’s only October? Why do I keep thinking it’s November. Darn.

Since it’s the start of a new month, that means it’s time for a monthly reflection post! I really do think I enjoy doing these. At least for now. Here’s what happened to me in October, er, September!


I got a new bear! Technically I got her in August, but I introduced her to the blog in September. I’m really happy with her story. But you can check that out on my other blog.

School started. *yawns*

Also football season started. I’m not a huge fan, but my dad loves football.

My mom went to the hospital for most of September. I don’t really want to talk about it.


We went to see Shang-Chi. It was a really great movie! I liked going to the theater.


Dad and I went on a day trip to Ikea and some outlet stores. The only success we had ended up being at Books-a-Million.


I cooked a lot within the month of September. This chicken noodle soup was soooooooooo good!


Also this pork tenderloin. I looked up how to cook a pork tenderloin online, and I was able to make something that tasted really good!


I almost forgot about this pasta bake. Delicious.


I made this Chicken Enchilada Bake. I was impressed with it, seeing as I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food.


Finally, I made some Apple Cinnamon Pancakes on the first day of Fall. I made them from a box mix at Walmart.


Of course Rocket was especially cute this month.


I got a couple free books from buying cereal. Only one has arrived so far.


I also re-did the BAB house. I’ll probably make a tour in October.


I took a lot of photos for Aftershock this month. I think I just need to take some pictures for the finale now?


Also, we went to the beach. I have a full recap coming up, so you guys only get to see this one simple photo.

Before I share my goals for October, I’d like to reflect upon my goals from September.

September’s Goals

Prepare for beach trip (that way I won’t have to starve or go naked. Food and clothes are important guys)

I did prepare. I have a whole post for my preparations coming up. But I think that my preparations helped a lot with having a great trip!

See Shang Chi in the theaters (assuming COVID doesn’t shut theaters down AGAIN)

YES! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to see it on release day. But, I did go see it within a week or so. IT WAS AWESOME!

Catch up on reading (I’m very behind on my goal of 100 books)

I think I did pretty good! I mean, I’m still a little behind, but I ended up reading like, 15 books. September had some amazing book releases! I think I ended up getting 4? All of which are FANTASTIC books!

Get Christmas gifts (it’s just a *tad* early)

I mean, I didn’t get as many as I’d hoped. But I did get a few, and I have a lot of ideas…

Aftershock premiere week (soon)

CHECK! Not only did I complete a whole week of Aftershock, but I also have taken photos through Episode 7! Y’all are in for some…twists.

Write draft one of Santa’s Workshop (what’s this? idk)

*sighs* I didn’t write as much as I wanted. But I did come up with a schedule and an alpha team!

Re-do bear house (at the very least get some “wallpaper”)

I didn’t do a whole lot. I cleaned it, added wallpaper and decor, and rearranged some of the rooms. I’ll make a post about it on BABF in October.

Organize studio (girl, clean it out so you can work on blog and school stuff in there)

Ummmmmmm, I started?

Organize bedroom (um, at least be able to sleep in there{I swear I’m not that dirty I’ve just been gone for 2 months and my mom probably put a bunch of random crap in there from downstairs})

You guys know I did this one! I did a whole post on it.

Declutter house (you have wayyy too much stuff. donate or sell it ASAP)

Not really. I’ve been busy.

Find some snack recipes (kinda healthy…but also tasty)

I kinda…lost interest in this.

Watch football with dad (even if you’re on the computer the whole time)

I did! I mean, I didn’t stay downstairs til 2 am with him, but it was nice to be in the same room while he watched football. We’ve even gotten Rocket into football!

Limit phone time to 2 hrs a day (but…no limit on laptop time!)

I…don’t think so. *shrugs*

What can I say, playing mobile games is how I cope sometimes…

Do okay in school (DON’T FAIL)

I DIDN’T FAIL…i hope

Earn money (allowance? Etsy? Rob a bank? …probably not that last one…)

My dad finally set up an allowance for me! *grins*

Save money (i.e. don’t blow all your money)

um…well like, technically even though I earned some money this month I spent more than I earned? I needed new headphones, and souvenirs can do that to you…

Start back painting (at least one thing? you haven’t painted since the beginning of summer)

Oops. Nope.

Write a “good morning note” for 1 week (I read about this thing where you write yourself a letter before bed and it seems cool)

I did this for about five days. I liked it at first, but I think I’ll just stick with to-do lists.

Send birthday cards (do you know anyone with a birthday in September?)

So I actually don’t know anyone with a birthday in September that I needed to send a card to. I did however make a virtual card for a blogging friend’s birthday.

Get up early (as in…before noon preferably)

I mean, most people probably wouldn’t consider when I get up early. BUT, I only slept until after noon once. And it was a Sunday, so I think I get a free pass.

(I slept til 1pm.)

(Most days this month I was up by 8)

(I think 10 was the latest I slept other than 1)

Get married (definitely going to happen. Or maybe not… *sad face* But maybe if I keep putting it on here, one month it’ll happen? *manifesting*)

Not this month folks…

Okay, let’s go over my goals for October!

October’s Goals

  • Read 10 books(at least)
  • Continue organizing(the whole houseeeeeeeee. especially the kitchen and studio)
  • Return the swimsuits from Shein
  • Buy a fall blanket from Target(this is definitely just turning into my to-do list)
  • Pick up my library holds(for a special post…)
  • Buy Christmas presents(for my family? for me? who knows?)
  • Start an Etsy(girl…STOP procrastinating)
  • Prepare 2022 bullet journal(not necessarily finish it, but start on it)
  • Paint something(something…anything)
  • Write Santa’s Workshop(or perhaps my alpha’s will have to yell at me)
  • Movie Marathon(because I always talk about wanting to do one)
  • Sell Ebay stuff(just in time for the holidays!)
  • Halloween week(for blogging of course)
  • Get married(again…this is on my list. definitely going to happen in October ;P )

I chose a fewer number of goals to go easy on myself.

IH12OP Posts

I’m actually really proud of all my content from September. I feel like I’m taking this blog in a new direction and I personally am loving it.

BABF Posts

I am SO happy with all of this content! It’s been so exciting, and I know it’s kind of been a lot. But honestly? I just have a lot of posts I want to make. I have most of my content planned out through the end of the year, and it involves finishing Aftershock Season Two, finishing up the first season of L’Etudiant Etranger, and of course, making a LOT of posts for the holidays! If you aren’t following BABF, please do so! You wouldn’t want to miss out on all this amazing content, would you?

NOVELLA – The Secret Gift by Bethany Atazadeh

NOVEL – What Once Was Mine by Liz Braswell

ANTHOLOGY – Imagine by the Teen Writers’ Nook crew!

MOVIE – Shang-Chi

TV SHOW – Monsters at Work


POST – Katie made this post to celebrate her 4th blogiversary and I loved every single moment of it! It’s the perfect blogiversary post in my opinion.

Here’s a new section this month that will hopefully continue on after this. I will be sharing my bullet journal spreads for October here! I suppose this might be more fitting to include in October’s recap, but I wouldn’t want to wait a whole month before sharing my spreads.

Anyway, for October’s theme, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I kind of wanted something fall/Halloween-themed, but I didn’t want to do like, pumpkins or skeletons or anything. So I thought, and thought, and thought some more…


And eventually, I decided on doing a Coco theme! I tried to mostly match the color palette. Also, the lettering style is inspired by the opening credits. And the petals on the title page? Those took FOREVER!


My monthly overview…

I tried to tie in the petals on this page.


Finally, My mood/habit tracker and blogging page! I don’t really like the whole skull trend, but I couldn’t think of anything better to make for a mood tracker. Hopefully, it’ll look good colored in. At least it matches the theme of the month.

Whelp, that’s how my September went. It was okay-ish. I wish October can be okay too…

I will see you all on Tuesday with a beach related post!

13 thoughts on “Summarizing September 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. Looks like September was quite an eventful month! The pictures of the food you cooked look ✨ scrumptious✨
    (I took a minute there to think of a food adjective😂)
    “And of course rocket was especially cute this month”
    Heh, yess💕💕
    Your Buttler journal spreads looks really pretty as well!
    goodluck on comlpleting your goals this month ✨👏
    ilyy diamond💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh I love this post!!! You did such a good job with the August reflections post , so it was super fun to get to read this one! Looks like you have some pretty great goals, too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You can get books by buying cereal? What on earth have I been doing with my life? *goes to the store to look at cereal that gives you books XD* Rocket is adorable, as always! And ahhh, the beach. That sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to hear about it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like a pretty great month! The food you cooked looks delicious! Rocket is cute…as always!
    Although I don’t know what you, your family, and your mom are going through, God does. And so I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    Talk to you in your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

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