The Chapters & Melodies Tag ~ Collab with Evin


I have an exciting post for you today! Today, I’m collaborating with one of my favorite blogging friends, Evin!

If you don’t know Evin already, what are you doing with your life? She’s an incredible blogger. And she has awesome taste in music and books. Seeing as those are both things we love, we came up with this tag!

Although, neither of us can take credit for the title. That was Maggie. Who…is another incredible blogger.

Diamond…how? You’re not cool enough to be collaborating with these awesome bloggers.

Ahem! Do you hear something?

Anyway, Evin designed the graphics for this post, and I came up with the questions. We will both be answering the questions. You’ll have to look at her blog for her half though!


  • -Link back to the creators’ posts – I Have 12% of a Plan & A Curly Sue’s Ramblings
  • -Thank the person who tagged you
  • -Answer the prompts and use the original graphics
  • -Tag 5 bloggers who would enjoy doing this tag
  • -Notify them by commenting on their blog
  • -Have fun!

The Questions:

A song and a book that share a title?

The first one that comes to mind is Exile.

The book is by Shannon Messenger in the KOTLC series, and the song is by Taylor Swift.

I don’t know why, but this song just makes me think of Warcross by Marie Lu.

What first comes to mind is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab.

Wonderland by Taylor Swift reminds me of the main couple from Caraval, Scarlet and Julian.

I think I’m going to go with Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. It’s from one of the Hunger Games movies.

Okay, so those are the questions! My nominees are:



Chloe Mali



I hope y’all have fun with this tag! I have a lot of fun making this with Evin! Don’t forget to check out her half of the collab here!


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