Organizing October 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

Heya diamonds!

Can you believe October is already over? I can. I’m ready for Christmas.

Anyway, we’ve come to that point in time where I post a monthly recap! Enjoy!


I caught up on my reading goal! I’m actually ahead right now, but I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that I was “right on track.”


Obviously, Rocket was adorable this month! I also got this nice soft fall blanket…I think I mention that later in the post though.


Sleepy pup.


Chap got a new haircut! He looks like a different dog now.

AB5071DD-4DB1-4F42-8DA2-DBB821EB1BF8 (1)

I cleaned the kitchen. (mostly)


I cooked some more in October…I think I’m good for another recipe round-up soon.


I made black bean salsa.


I took a bunch of photos for the blog! Aftershock has officially wrapped ‘filming’!


Speaking of blog stuff, I also worked on the Halloween costumes new to this year! This one is my favorite, a Scarlet Witch costume!


We went to the beach the last weekend in October! I won’t do a full recap, because we didn’t do much, so these are the only photos you get. Anyway, this was the view from our room!


While at the beach, we went decor shopping at Hobby Lobby. I thought this sign was slightly ironic.

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store!”

“Exclusively at Hobby Lobby!”


Sooooo pretty.


The Walmart at Myrtle Beach had 8 aisles filled with these giant Coke bottle banks. EIGHT.


We also went mini golfing while at the beach and LOOK at that view!


I even got 2 hole in ones!

Firstly, I get to review October’s goals. I literally have no idea what I put on here, so…this should be interesting.

  • Read 10 books(at least)

Check! I actually read more than last month even.

  • Continue organizing(the whole houseeeeeeeee. especially the kitchen and studio)

Um. Kind of? I feel like I’ve made progress, but also some of that progress was undone by *cough* certain people(or person) I live with.

Though, I’ve been watching Hoarders a lot this weekend. So I definitely feel inspired to clean. *shivers*

  • Return the swimsuits from Shein

This was on my goal list? Yeah, I definitely did this. $35 in my pocket yessssssss. (technically it went into our family clothing budget but still….)

  • Buy a fall blanket from Target(this is definitely just turning into my to-do list)

YES! Oh my goodness this blanket is AMAZING! I’ll link it right now.

  • Pick up my library holds(for a special post…)

Yup! You can read the post here.

I also returned the books. *bows*

  • Buy Christmas presents(for my family? for me? who knows?)

um…I don’t think I got a single gift. But I have ideas. And decor.

  • Start an Etsy(girl…STOP procrastinating)

Heh. I was going to. But then I got scared.


  • Prepare 2022 bullet journal(not necessarily finish it, but start on it)

I did start it! I only got a couple pages in, and I HATED what I worked on, but it’s getting there.

  • Paint something(something…anything)


  • Write Santa’s Workshop(or perhaps my alpha’s will have to yell at me)

YES! I completed the first draft! I can’t wait for the world to read this.

  • Movie Marathon(because I always talk about wanting to do one)

Maybe next month?

  • Sell Ebay stuff(just in time for the holidays!)

Haha, nope.

  • Halloween week(for blogging of course)

YES! I’m really happy with how this turned out. You’ll see it in my blogging recap portion of this post.

  • Get married(again…this is on my list. definitely going to happen in October ;P )

Alas, no more progress on this front.


  • Make food for Thanksgiving (yessssssss so excited!)
  • Decorate for Christmas (ahhhh I also literally cannot wait for this! I wanna decorate like now!)
  • Organize my studio (well…in order to decorate it also has to be clean. Plus, I don’t want to end up on Hoarders.)
  • Take photos for Santa’s Workshop (as soon I finish editing…)
  • Go Christmas Shopping (I have a long list of stores to go to)
  • Experience Christmas Media (music, movies, books, etc.)
  • Buy Bookcases (we’ve literally needed bookcases since 2015. 2015!)
  • Start Home Reno series (it’s overwhelming okay…?)
  • Finish 2022 Bujo (c’mon)
  • Prepare for the 25 Days of Christmas (or…the 31 days of Christmas)
  • Light candles (I kind of have a fear of candles? Like…I have a fear of fire AND a fear of glass. Fun times. But I really like the idea of candles, so I want to try it)
  • Clean out attic (donate that old Christmas tree!)
  • Finish reading series’ (there are some series’ that I just want to finish before 2022)


I think this is a good amount of posts for the month. I guess I’m not the happiest with the content? I liked doing the beach posts and collabs, but…I don’t know…


Build a Bears Furever’s 4th Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Okay…so I learned that juggling two photo series’ is hard. But I absolutely adore L’Etudiant Etranger so much! I’m so happy the first season is complete. And I’m also really happy with all the Aftershock that’s up so far. And the Halloween Week was so much fun! I especially loved the episode of Skipping Stones and the Haunted House post(which of course got zero comments…yay)!

BOOK – Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

MOVIE – The Nightmare Before Christmas

TV SHOW – Shadow and Bone

SONG – Flicker

POST – I’m actually going to go with a whole series of posts for this one! It’s Maggie’s Doodletober series!

Okay, guys…I LOVE my November spreads! They may very well be my favorite of the year.


I did a Winnie the Pooh theme! I think it’s so cozy for fall. I printed off coloring pages and then colored and pasted them in. I also added a bunch of quotes that I feel fit the theme of the spreads.


My monthly overview.


I went back to my old style of habit tracking for now.


For the mood tracker, I made it in the shape of a honeycomb!


I made some extra space this month for food because of THANKSGIVING! Also, I think this little coloring page I found is so cute!


Finally, I changed up my media page and added a brain dump.

Whelp, there’s October! Now if you’ll excuse me…I’m off to plan for the Christmas posts before my head explodes…

See you on Tuesday for a gift guide! (hopefully)


11 thoughts on “Organizing October 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. Ahh, I love reading these kind of posts! The pictures were so fun to scroll through.
    It’s awesome that you’re ahead of your reading goal. I haven’t read anything at all in the past few months. I’ve picked up books and stopped reading without finishing them.
    Chap & rocket are SO adorable!
    🥺💙That blanket is also very pretty. ( the one rocket was sitting on)
    You’re so good at managing your blogs, I loved reading the second season of aftershock. The Halloween photo shoot on BABF was amazinggg👏👏
    Goodluck on your goals for novmeber!💗😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thanks! I enjoy these types of posts too.
      Ahh yes! I was behind for so long and now I’m ahead! It feels good. I’ve also had periods where I just don’t pick up any books though. Also, the book I’m currently reading is kind of boring me…
      YES! Doggos ❤
      Yussss, and it's SO soft!
      Awww, thank you so much! I'm really glad you've been enjoying my posts.
      Agh, thanksss! I'm really proud of this month's theme.

      Thanks for reading! Have a good day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YAy a wrap-up posttttt!! I love reading yours.
    hmm, getting married isn’t on the November goals list? 🤨 Good luck with the rest of your goals~ there’s a lot. 😶
    ayyyyyy your bullet journal spreads are SO cute – but that’s nothing new. 😂 Which reminds me.. I still need to decide about starting a bullet journal next year. 🧐
    annnyway. I loved your posts this month. All of them. even though I was late in reading most of them. but again, nothing new. 🤦‍♀️
    aight I have nothing else to say so~ onto the next post! yes, I’m catching up on all your posts rn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, thanks!
      DANG, I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING! I retroactively add that one.
      Awww, thanks! I suggest to start one next year! Heh.
      Thank you! That means a lot to me, but again…nothing new. =D

      Liked by 1 person

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