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Heya diamonds! It’s November…do you know what that means?

It’s the Christmas season!

You may be thinking it’s a little early for Christmas posts. But I say…it’s never too early! Besides, this post is about what to get for other people for Christmas, so it’s just on time. I’m of the opinion that you should be done Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. (I should…finish Christmas shopping soon…) So I’m getting this post out early enough for it to be useful for everyone.

Anyway, this isn’t just any gift guide. I’m not including scrunchies and fidget toys, and other trends. I’m including things that are good, reliable things that teens like me actually want. And hopefully, we won’t look back at this in a few years and laugh at the contents of this gift guide.

It also might help some of you to create a wishlist. Since I feel like a lot of us are like-minded people.

I’m going to be sharing things in different categories of things I’d like. And I feel like I’m not the only one who’d enjoy these things, so I’m sharing them. Hopefully, you guys can get some ideas for your friends and family!




This one is obvious. It can be hard to find a book someone doesn’t have though if that person is an avid reader. Perhaps getting a fancy edition of a classic will work?

Or you could take your giftee to a bookstore and promise to buy her a book.

Also if you’re pressed for cash, it would be fun to “gift” a library book.

Kindle Unlimited

Guys, I just got this! (well, my dad got it. I’m just using it. Like a leech) I’m obsessed. You can find deals on it for gifts. It’s very fun to have, especially if you like indie authors. (er, I mean your giftee of course. Not you…)

Book Sleeves

I only have one book sleeve but I LOOOOVE it! I think it’d be an awesome gift for anyone who reads a lot. Especially if your giftee travels at all.

Book light

So you can read at night. I don’t have one of these. So I read Kindle books at night…heh.


I’m the type of girl who loves makeup, so keep that in mind. Non-makeup lovers might not like this category very much.

Makeup Brushes

I mean, I just got this pack of makeup brushes but before I got those? I would have LOVED to get some as a gift! Also, you can find some really cute ones on Amazon. I definitely recommend.

Elf Multisticks

I talked about these before, but basically these are a 3-in-1 makeup product. You can use it as eye shadow, blush, or lipstick! I want one in every color…

The plus to buying products like this as a gift is that it doesn’t matter if your giftee already has it. She’ll run out eventually, and then she’ll have another one!

Nail Wraps

I’ve been obsessed with nail wraps lately! I think they’d make great stocking stuffers.

Anything from Bath and Body Works!

I love Bath and Body Works! I pretty much guarantee that most teen girls would love like anything from this store. I love to try new scents.


These things are going to depend on the different fandom(s) your giftee is in. Also some of these things also just have patterns you can chose from outside a fandom.

Bangle Bracelets

I don’t actually have a good photo for this one, but it’s pretty easy to find. There are a ton of fandom themed bangles on Etsy or Amazon. One nice thing about these is that they’re stackable. So they look cooler the more you collect. (or, at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

Loungefly bags/wallets

Guys…I’m obsessed with these bags.

I recommend, 100%

Funko Pop!s

This is one of my go-to gifts for my dad. There are always plenty of characters to collect!

(I’m hoping for a Scarlet Witch one this year. I’d also love to collect the AoS ones, but they’re super expensive on eBay.)

Phone cases

Look! I even got this phone case as a Christmas gift for my mom! I love phone cases, and you can always get new fandom related ones or seasonal ones, or patterned ones…

I know I said I wasn’t including super trendy things, but in this same category, you can gift pop sockets. I don’t have any. But I have definitely seen some fun pop sockets that I’d like to put on my phone.


I think that anyone who’s started driving would love a fandom themed keychain. (Unless you have a keyless ignition in the car you drive…like me. I still wouldn’t mind a fandom keychain though.)


My new collection! Er, I mean…my new two cup collection. Basically, these are very fandomy and they’re dishwasher safe, and really good quality…


Most people enjoy entertainment. Like probably 90% of people. So, this category is for everyone.


Again, you might want to check if the person has a particular movie before you buy it. But I’m an avid movie collector, so I’d love DVDS!

Spotify Gift Card

I LOVE having Spotify premium. It’s life-changing.

Wireless/portable charger

These things come in handy….


Dang, these are so useful. Yet expensive. Did you know its like $15 for a simple pair of earbuds? (hint hint) My earbuds have been broken for a while. Sooooo…

Video Games

Perhaps video games are how your giftee chooses to spend time? I certainly like them. I also get them for my dad.

I also wouldn’t mind a Nintendo Switch, but that’s just me.


Puzzles are fun. More people should put puzzles together. Therefore, more puzzles should be given as gifts.



Everyone needs more notebooks. Everyone.

Wreck This Journal/Create This Book

I think these are a really cool concept! Do I like it enough to buy it for myself? Probably not. But would I absolutely love this as a gift? YES!


Anyone who writes can use an endless supply of pens.

why do they run out of ink so FAST


Markers are awesome! Especially if you bullet journal. (I heard about Mildliner brush pens and I just wanna try some)

Gel Pens

Especially if they are SPARKLY.


With this one, you kind of have to get creative. (literally) Like, it could be different based on your giftee and your specific talents. But I do have two ideas! A drawing/painting or a story! That’s all. Handmade gifts are personal and cheap.

Gift Cards

I’m not a huge fan of giving gift cards. But at least that’s better than cash. Not that there’s anything wrong with giving cash/money, but my love language is gift giving, so I like gifts that are more personal. But anyway, if you really don’t know what to gift, you can get gift cards!


You can get ANYTHING on Amazon!


I mean, who wouldn’t like a gift card to Target?

Hobby Lobby

If you’re shopping for a crafter, then I think Hobby Lobby is a great choice.


I’m not big on gifting fashion in general. Clothes can be iffy because you might not know someone else’s size. I like things oversized though, so I’m good with the biggest available size lol! Clothing that is 3-4 sizes too big is comfy.

Marvel/Disney Tees

90% of my wardrobe is Disney/Marvel themed. Do I still need more? Yes. Will your Marvel loving friend appreciate a Black Widow tee? Also yes.


Sweatshirts are sooooooooo cozy. Especially when they have a fun design on them. Gimme all the sweatshirts.


I feel like Christmas and Pajamas just go together. Especially fuzzy PJ pants. You can never have too many of those.

Blankets (not the dog. He is mine. You cannot have him)

I know this doesn’t really fit into fashion, but it does kind of fit with the cozy theme of sweatshirts and PJs. BLANKETS! Give me ALL the blankets! I love all the different patterns and themes…I love blankets. Especially when they’re super soft. I feel like most teen girls would love to receive a blanket as a gift. Or women in general. Or teens. Or humans. Or even my dog! (I got Rocket a blanket for Christmas)

Phew! That seemed to take longer than expected.


I hope you got some ideas! Feel free to chat in the comments about what you’re giving/hoping for for Christmas in the comments! Or, if you don’t celebrate, feel free to chat about presents in general. See you guys next week!


29 thoughts on “Gift Guide || Diamond Style

  1. I really enjoyed reading through this post, Diamond!! Guess what? I have a Wreck This Journal that I got from a friend and even though I don’t use it much, I love the concept! I 1,000% know I’m going to have to come back to this post when I’m shopping for my friends later this year!!!!!

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  2. I’ve never heard of funko pops until now, and it sounds cool!!
    I got a wreck this journal 3 years ago, I don’t really like it. It’s more for artsy, creative people, and generally for ppl who are good at drawing and painting and that kind of stuff.
    in short, not for me. I’ve only completed like 3 pages in the past 3 yearsπŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ayyy awesome!! I’d definitely want most of these. 😌 I have a wreck this journal and create this book… and I’ve probably filled like five pages. Whoops. And I also have wayyy too many notebooks-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also how are you so organised that you have almost finished your Christmas shopping, I’m the kind of person who will leave it to the last minute so its like a frantic rush to buy presents. I really should try to change that though XD

      Liked by 1 person

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