Noting November 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

Hello diamonds! Whelp, I’ve got a busy month ahead of me, so I’m gonna skip the intro…

November felt like nothing really happened, but there’s still a good amount of photos that I have for you all.


Fooooooooooooooooooood! I made this pizza from scratch. ‘Twas good.


I made the juiciest pork loin ever. It was also delicious.


I made this Chicken Masala before Thanksgiving. I think this might have been my favorite.


I LIT A CANDLE! (remember how I said I had a fear of candles?)




This was on gameday…I thought it was adorable how he held the remote!


I ordered some placemats! Look how pretty!


I also love this advent calendar. I’m comfortable with it being 52 days ’til Christmas. I’m not comfortable with 20 days. *gulps*


We *finally* got a new sink for our bathroom! I’ll make a bathroom renovation post sometime in 2022.


I put a lot of time into the Stone’s Thanksgiving feast. It was fun, yet their kitchen is still messy for some reason…


We went shopping at the mall. Look at the pretty Christmas tree that was up!


Speaking of Christmas trees, here is this one from when we went to Ikea.


The reason we went to Ikea? Bookcases! These ones honestly look like built-ins. They weren’t what we were wanting, but I don’t know how they could get any better.


I thought you guys might like this shelf. It’s my Marvel shelf.

We haven’t finished with the shelves yet, but I’ll share photos when I share some Christmas decor!


I went to Hobby Lobby and found this sign. I want to buy it lol.


Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I made this nativity for my mom!


I made the set for my new photo series…you guys are going to love it.


Yummmm, it’s our Thanksgiving feast!


We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving! I still need to decorate some more though…


I spy…Chap.

Events of November, let’s see…

Well, my mom went to the hospital. Then she came back home. Then she went back for different reasons…

Like I showed earlier, we got bookcases! I really like them. I helped my dad build them. Then I got sick….then I worked on some blogging and Christmas prep. Then we had Thanksgiving which was a lot of work and fun. I read a lot too. That’s basically what happened. heh.

Time to review my goals from November! (also I forgot “get married,” where is my brain?)

  • Make food for Thanksgiving (yessssssss so excited!)
  • *licks lips* YUMMMMM! Yes, this was so good!
  • Decorate for Christmas (ahhhh I also literally cannot wait for this! I wanna decorate like now!)
  • Kinda started…but still not done. I’m getting a little stressed about it now.
  • Organize my studio (well…in order to decorate it also has to be clean. Plus, I don’t want to end up on Hoarders.)
  • um…sort of. I organize it, it gets messy. It’s a process.
  • Take photos for Santa’s Workshop (as soon I finish editing…)
  • I did about half. I’m hoping to finish up soon!
  • Go Christmas Shopping (I have a long list of stores to go to)
  • I did go Christmas shopping! Sadly I didn’t see a bunch of good stuff, but luckily I don’t have to go out shopping in the month of December.
  • Experience Christmas Media (music, movies, books, etc.)
  • Not really. I feel like most of the movies we’ll watch in December. (I did start reading a Christmas book though!)
  • Buy Bookcases (we’ve literally needed bookcases since 2015. 2015!)
  • YES! We finally got bookcases! You can see the photos above.
  • Start Home Reno series (it’s overwhelming okay…?)
  • Um…yeah, not happening. We’ll just have to wait til 2022…
  • Finish 2022 Bujo (c’mon)
  • I did! It’s very simple this year.
  • Prepare for the 25 Days of Christmas (or…the 31 days of Christmas)
  • I…prepared. I still have a LOT to do though.
  • Light candles (I kind of have a fear of candles? Like…I have a fear of fire AND a fear of glass. Fun times. But I really like the idea of candles, so I want to try it)
  • I lit a candle guys! Multiple times! It’s a pumpkin spice candle. I also have a cranberry candle, vanilla candle, peach candle, cookie candle, and apple cinnamon. (I stocked up…I’m ready for my house to smell like Christmas.)
  • Clean out attic (donate that old Christmas tree!)
  • We started. Haven’t donated anything yet.
  • Finish reading series’ (there are some series’ that I just want to finish before 2022)
  • Yes! I completed 4 series’s that I’d started. I’m ready to start some new series’ now.

Goals for December:

  • Get married(because I forgot this one for the list last month)
  • Don’t fail with all my 40 posts to do…(heh…stressful much? But I’ve survived so far)
  • Wrap presents(the one’s I’ve had since August)
  • Send Christmas Cards(heh)
  • Make a Christmas-y lifestyle post(like, decorating, wrapping presents, baking…)
  • Write a couple spiritual posts(seeing as that’s the whole reason of Christmas)
  • Make a gingerbread house(from scratch!)
  • Watch Christmas movies(with the fam)
  • Read Christmas books(any recs? Especially if it’s on Kindle Unlimited)
  • Enjoy Christmas(sounds sooooooo hard)

IH12OP Posts

The Christmas content is so exciting! And obviously I’ve got more coming this month.

BABF Posts

Whew! Lots of Aftershock and Thanksgiving content. The Skipping Stones episodes were my favorite. However, December will be INSANE for this blog. (enjoy…)

BOOK – The Wings of Betrayal series by Brittany Wang

MOVIE – Coco

SONG – Message in a Bottle

POST – This one by the one and only Sarah.

My December Bullet Journal spreads are pretty simple…but it works!


I mostly used these stickers I got on sale at Hobby Lobby over the summer.

(why were there Christmas stickers in July?)

As you can see, I have a lot of space for blogging this month! I’ll need it…


I like my overview for this month. It’s really cute.


Moods/habits + my Christmas advent.


Meals/Media and Gift Tracker/Brain Dump…I need to fill out that gift tracker.


Finally, I have a page to list all my gifts(lots of space! for lots of gifts! JK) and a Christmas Bucket List!

Phew! November was kinda crazy, but December’s about to be even crazier! Wish me luck…

20 thoughts on “Noting November 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. Diamond how dare you post so many pictures of food – my stomach is growling!
    Haha, in all seriousness, those meals look delish. Rocket is a cutie as always. And I love all the little Christmas decor (and that Office wrapping paper is so sick). Your BuJo spreads this month are super neat – I’m obsessed with them.
    I’m honoured my post was your monthly favourite! ❤ Thank you so much.
    Anyway, loved this wrap up. Happy December, Diamond! Good luck getting married, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xD um…because my goal is to make everyone hungry? Thanks though ;P
      He is! And thanks! I love the decor too.
      Thank you!
      Of course! You definitely have one of my favorite blogs.
      xD Yeah that’s DEFINITELY going to happen this month…heh

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LIT A CANDLE TOO! I had to light a matchstick for that. A matchstick! *shudder*
    um. anyway. I love your bullet journal ~ like usual. Which reminds me… still need to find a method that works. Have I been stalling that?
    oh and YOUR TREE!!!!!! AND YOUR BOOKSHELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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