2021 Recap

Heya diamonds!

2021 is nearly over! I can’t even tell you how I feel about that, because I don’t know…

On one hand, 2021 was pretty bad, but then again, 2022 could be worse…let’s try not to be so negative here!

I’m going to get right into recapping my year…


I started out the year with high hopes. This was going to be my year…I wanted to write a whole novel this year.

I read a lot, which set the tone for the year I guess. I’ll talk more about reading in another post, but I read over 100 books this year! I played the Xbox, did some art, helped with reorganizing the pantry, wrote, and also got hooked on WandaVision. I also blogged a lot, but probably less than in later months.


February was pretty chill, no pun intended! We visited my grandma, and while we were at her house, there was a huge snowstorm. I loved the snow. I also had a birthday while I was there and I met my grandma’s new puppy.


I did a bit of cooking in March. And obviously blogging and reading. Mom went to the hospital, we watched March Madness, and I painted some. I also wrote a couple photo series’ this month.


I did some more blogging in April…apparently, that was when I started working on posts for Camp? We watched more basketball, celebrated Easter, I made a bullet journal video, then we went to visit my mom’s family. I enjoyed getting to see my aunt. Then…my dad got me a new Chromebook! With that, I dabbled into digital art a bit.


I took a hiatus in May, but I still did a lot of blogging! Mostly just stuff for Camp. We also celebrated Star Wars Day…I came downstairs wearing a Chewbacca suit…very fun. I ran a lot of errands for the family, helped out with a car wash, Mom went to the hospital, and I read a bunch. I also went to a play that my friend was in! Actually, now that I think about it, I went to a musical in April that had some people from church in it…


I went to camp! It was really incredible. I read a fair amount and shopped a bit. I feel like I bought a lot. I worked on Camp Happy Heart and then prepared for a trip that I took in July.


I spent the whole month of July at my grandma’s house! My parent’s only stayed for about a week…I really enjoyed having time with just my grandma! I did miss my parents though. I swam and read a lot. I blogged a lot with Camp. I saw some family members, shopped, saw Black Widow, and made crafts with Grandma. I also enjoyed watching the Olympics!

I want to do another Trope Talks soon…


I was with my grandma a lot some more! I was supposed to go back home in early August, but some factors made it to where I stayed there until the end of August. I certainly wasn’t complaining.

We watched more Olympics, I swam, I shopped, I blogged, I crafted…all the things.

On a sad note, my great-grandfather passed away. I was really grateful that I could be with my grandma to help her with things. We traveled to the funeral…and of course the smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night. It was very stressful, but everything was okay.

When I got home, I was greeted by new flooring! I love our new floors.


I blogged and started a fresh year of school. I cleaned some, and mom was back in the hospital. I read a bunch(there were some amazing new releases in September!) I cooked a lot and we went to see Shang-Chi. Dad and I took a trip to Ikea, I decorated for fall, and then we went to the beach!


I read and blogged(this is sounding very repetitive), bought an awesome fall blanket, wrote Naughty and Nice, went back to the beach, and played mini-golf.


I did a lot of my Christmas shopping and focused a lot on Christmas. Mom went back to the hospital, I blogged, we went to the mall, Mom went to the hospital, we bought new bookcases from Ikea, I got sick, I worked on Blogmas, and then we celebrated for Thanksgiving and decorated for Christmas!


December isn’t over yet…but I’ll recap it for now.

More Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, making gifts, blogging, gingerbread house, going to youth group activities…

One thing that was pretty cool was going to GameStop. We got an early Christmas gift…a Nintendo Switch! It’s such a great thing to play with family. I did some baking and reading, but not too much reading. We also watched a bunch of Christmas movies.

We had a lovely Christmas…and I’m a bit sad that it’s over. There’s always next year though!

There you have my year! I’m sorry it’s pretty repetitive, but that’s just how it went. Tell me about your year in the comments!

I wanted to use this one last time this season…

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  1. Okay, I haven’t read the post yet but I just wanted to say that your new blog design is FAB💛🙌
    And..I’ll be back later when I’ve actually read the post to write another comment.

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