Documenting December 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

Hello diamonds! It’s once again time for a monthly recap!

Is it just me, or does it seem like December was super short? Like every single month was an eternity and this one was short.

Also, I redesigned IH12OP! I’m thinking of rebranding in 2022, and I think the new design will help with that. What do you think of the design?

IMG-4847 (1)

You probably know this by now, but it was Christmas! I decorated the house which was really fun.

We also ran a LOT of errands. I don’t know how many times we went to Hobby Lobby!

IMG-4876 (1)

No peeking Rocket!

I did a lot of blogging in December…but I’m sure you’ll see that later.

I also worked for a while at wrapping/buying/making Christmas presents for my family.




I did a good bit of baking in December. One thing I baked was a gingerbread house, but that didn’t work very well so we just bought a kit. However, all the cookies were delicious!

IMG-5048 (1)

One of the things we did in December was buy a Nintendo Switch! These were super hard to find in stock, but we managed. Even though this was a Christmas present, we didn’t mind opening it up early. 😉


I went to a lot of church activities this month. One of which was a bonfire and that was nice.


Look how cozy he is!


So Hobby Lobby started their After-Christmas sale before Christmas…I went ahead and bought a bunch of decor for my room. I’ll be using this next year.

what lurks behind the trees?

One of my Christmas gifts was Animal Crossing! I’ve been playing a lot of that ever since.

Reviewing December’s Goals:

  • Get married(because I forgot this one for the list last month)
  • I failed this one…haha.
  • Don’t fail with all my 40 posts to do…(heh…stressful much? But I’ve survived so far)
  • YES! I did a full 40 posts…I’m going to hate making the recap part of this post won’t I?
  • Wrap presents(the one’s I’ve had since August)
  • I did! I also bought some more presents.
  • Send Christmas Cards(heh)
  • Yup! On like Deccemer 2nd!
  • Make a Christmas-y lifestyle post(like, decorating, wrapping presents, baking…)
  • You can read that here!
  • Write a couple spiritual posts(seeing as that’s the whole reason of Christmas)
  • Yeah! I wrote one for each blog. I don’t think they were that great…um…no one commented on my Christmas post…
  • Make a gingerbread house(from scratch!)
  • Yes! But not from scratch, it didn’t work.
  • Watch Christmas movies(with the fam)
  • Check!
  • Read Christmas books(any recs? Especially if it’s on Kindle Unlimited)
  • I read some. I wanted to read some more, but I got kinda busy.
  • Enjoy Christmas(sounds sooooooo hard)
  • Yup! I loved my Christmas.

I did pretty great on my goals for December, let’s see what I have planned for January!

January Goals:

  • Write and publish the final season of Aftershock(I don’t have the energy for season four…)
  • Write L’Etudiant Etranger season 2(I’m SO excited!)
  • Prioritize self-care(hah)
  • Organize bathroom(and maybe get rid of some toiletries? why do I have 12 toothbrushes?)
  • Organize studio(more organizing?)
  • Organize bedroom(even MORE organizing?)
  • Give dogs heartworm pills(you do this every month)
  • Bathe Rocket(also this is every month)
  • Rebrand IH12OP(this involves posting twice a week!)
  • Go see Spider-Man NWH(somehow I haven’t been spoiled.
  • Get married(couldn’t forget it)

IH12OP Posts

I loved making all these Christmas posts! Honestly…I’ve started planning for next year.

BABF Posts

BOOKThe Enchanted Sonata by Heather Dixon

MOVIE A Muppet Christmas Carol

TV SHOW – Hawkeye (even if I only watched the first episode)

SONG – I can’t pick! Lots of great Christmas songs.

POST – I pick this one by Miriam because it’s a roundup of her entire blogmas!

For January, I wanted to go for a self-care/spa theme since that’s one of my goals for the month. Part of the theme was not making everything perfect…so there are some things that bother me about it. Oh well.


As you can see, there are a lot of bubbles! I also have some leafy plants…because well, that’s kinda spa-like. I used bubbles to track my moods and I have a LOT of habits I want to track. Like, double my usual amount. The new habits include: brushing my teeth(I already do this every day I just want to track it), Skincare(I NEED to do this every day haha), waking up before 9(wow so early…hah), and playing Animal Crossing. (like I need a reason)


My monthly overview.


Here’s my blogging page + Meals/media.


Finally, I have this self-care bingo thingy. Some tasks are easy, like lighting a candle, and others are a bit much, like organizing my room. But hopefully, I can get most of these done.

Okay, that’s all I have for you today! Let me know what you think of my redesign in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Documenting December 2021 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. Awwww December went by so crazy fast!! And ooh Hawkeye was good! I watched most of it and I thought it was pretty awesome!
    And ooh I see you girlll with the new blog design!! LOVE ITTTTT!!


    p.s. i’m back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For me, December didn’t go by fast enough! 🤣 Happy New Year! 💖 also, your bullet journal looks sooo good! the new blog design also looks AMAZING 😍 can’t wait for more fantastic posts! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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