2022 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Heya diamonds!

It’s a new year and do you know what that means? It’s time to move into a new bullet journal!

I’ll also be going over my new year’s resolutions in this post. I didn’t want to make a whole post about that. Let’s start with the spreads!


Here’s my title page. I’m using the same sort of bullet journal I always use, which I buy at Michaels. Thie year, my journal is gray. I went with a very minimalistic, gray style on the inside as well.


My index…it’s very simple.


My key. I debated even putting this in here because I feel like I don’t really ever look back at it, but oh well. Here it is!


My grid spacing cheat sheet and theme ideas…honestly these two pages are such lifesavers.


A page for gift ideas and one for a wishlist…heh

My new year’s resolutions page is coming up, so let’s take a brief intermission to discuss my resolutions from last year.

Write a first draft

Big fail. At least I started though.

Improve photography

I feel like I got better.

Draw & paint more

A little bit, but not as much as I would’ve liked.

Be an organized individual

Um, I got some of my to-do lists a bit more organized. I’d like to work some more on physical organization in 2022.

Start an Etsy shop

Nope. I planned some a little though.

Do something on YouTube

I made one real video, and one 8 second video on BABF.

Live in the moment

I did some, but I was still incredibly stressed about the future.

Alright, let’s get back to the spreads!


Here are my resolutions for this year: write photo series’, participate in NaNoWriMo, Clean my room, Prioritize Self-care, and reduce screen time. I have room to add a couple more, but I also don’t want to stress myself out.

On the other page, I have kind of like a bucket list for 2022.


Here’s my 2022 vision board. It was fun to make!


My blogging pages! I don’t have any ideas…oh my!

Really I just hadn’t filled anything out yet.


My blogging plans…heh.


I have these media spreads…do you have any movie/TV recommendations for me?


Bookish pages! Look, I’ve already finished a series! (in November…)


My TBR pages…I need to get this down a bit.


Finally, I have this clothing inventory page. It helps me know what I have…haha!

There’s my spreads for 2022! What do you guys think? Do you journal? What’s your new years resolutions?

27 thoughts on “2022 Bullet Journal Set-Up

  1. Oooo I LOOOVE THIS!!!!! I’ve been REALLY wanting to get into bullet journaling because it just looks sooo much fun, so I’ll totally be coming back to this post for ideas if I ever get one started, lol. XD

    Also, I will forever be jealous of your handwriting. It’s REALLY pretty and a WHOOOOLE lot better than mine. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You totally should. It’s very fun and it helps me keep my life together(somewhat)

      ahhh thanks! It used to look really bad though…I had to work to get it to look like it does.

      Liked by 1 person

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