Shop Miss A Review

Heya diamonds!

Today I’m here to share my thoughts on a website called Shop Miss A. I first found this through a YouTube video, and I was instantly curious to find out more.

Basically, Shop Miss A is a beauty website where everything is $1. Now, I like bargains, so this hooked me. I was interested to see if this was a legitimate website, or perhaps a gimmicky site where the products are $1, but maybe they aren’t actually worth that much.

So I placed an order! I didn’t want to pay for shipping, so I made sure I hit the $35 threshold. It was actually fairly easy…dollars add up! Not everything on the website is one dollar, but the majority of things are under $2.

Let’s Talk Shipping

The biggest complaint I could find about Shop Miss A was the shipping times. Now, I live relatively close to the headquarters of Shop Miss A(by that, I mean in the same country basically), so my experience may be different than others.

However, I was somewhat impressed. It was estimated that I’d receive my order in about 11-17 business days, and I got the shipment within 6 business days.

excuse the photo quality

The items seemed very well protected. None of the eye shadows cracked or anything and nothing arrived broken.

With the amount of stuff I ordered, I wasn’t surprised when there was a mix-up. I ordered a pair of clip-on earrings and received a regular pair. Which leads us to my next point…

Customer Service

As I mentioned, there was a problem with my order. I sent an email to their customer service and they got back to me within 4 days. I was offered a refund for the clip-on earrings, plus an extra dollar for my troubles. (I know that doesn’t sound like a lot…but remember! You can get a ton of stuff for a dollar at Shop Miss A) I also got to keep the earrings that were sent to me, not that I wanted them. So I did come out $2 on top technically.

I thought the customer service was great.


So we’ve established that this is a legitimate company and that the shipping is decent, but what about the actual stuff?

I pretty much ordered one of every type of makeup product(foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blush…) plus some things I’ve been wanting to try. I still haven’t tried everything, but I feel like I’ve tried enough to give an opinion on things now.

I swatched everything on my arm…

So far, none of the products have irritated my skin. Which, according to my mom I have sensitive skin, though I’ve never had a problem with it. Shop Miss A also lists all the ingredients on their website in case you have an allergy you need to avoid. And everything is FDA approved.

What I wouldn’t buy…

I want to start with the negatives so we can end on a positive note. Here are the things I wouldn’t recommend buying from Shop Miss A and why I wouldn’t recommend them.

Fake Nails – I wasn’t a fan of the print on these, plus the nail glue provided is awful. You can do better.

The brushes – Honestly the quality of the brushes is fine. I just don’t think it’s the best value when you can get bigger packs on Amazon or something.

Skinny Mascara – This mascara is very thin. So there isn’t much actual mascara in there. Also, the brush is tiny.

Foundation – You really can’t beat the price, but it’s hard to get a good color online. Plus the formula kind of has a greasy finish.

This lipstick – The actual lipstick is fine, but the barrel is very cheaply made. It broke the first time I used it…you can twist up but not down.

Face Cleansing Brush – It says it’s “super soft” but it is not.

What I would recommend

Moving on to a more positive note, there are a lot of products I would recommend from Shop Miss A!

Retinol Cream – This is a HUGE container for just a dollar!

Blush – This is a great blush! I got it in the shade Rose Dawn and I think it really suits me.

Brush – My hairstylist recommended a Wet brush, so I figured why not try this one? It’s only a dollar after all. I can’t really say if it works as well as an official Wet brush because I’ve never used one of those, but it does work better than my old brush. And it’s a great size for traveling too.

Brush Cleaner – I got this so I’d actually clean my makeup brushes…it smells great and all you do is spray your brushes!

Highlighter – I’ve never actually used highlighter before, but I love this one! I use it every day now.

Beauty Blender – I haven’t ever used a beauty blender before, but this one seems pretty good to me!

Cuticle Oil – I get hangnails a lot…but since I started using this I do feel like my cuticles have gotten healthier!

now you all know about diamond’s healthy cuticles. i bet that’s exactly what you wanted to learn today.

Matte Lipstick – This is really good liquid lipstick! You get a lot of product for a dollar and it stays fairly well too.

Hand Cream – I think this is a good price for some hand cream. Like…it’s pretty comparable to what you can find at Bath and Body Works for $7.

Makeup Remover Wipes – These are a pretty good price.

Lip Scrub – It’s fun to use.

Nail Polish – This is honestly some of the best glitter nail polish I’ve ever used.

Skin Storage Organizer – Honestly…this is really good quality! I want to get more. I think it would be really good for pens and pencils. This is probably my favorite thing from this website.

So overall, I’m pretty impressed! There are definitely some things I wouldn’t recommend, but I think that a few things really stand out. And I’m probably going to use my $2 credit to buy more highlighter and another skincare tower(or a few) in the near future.

Have you ever bought anything from Shop Miss A? What’s your favorite bargain store?

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