Disneybounding with Diamond || episode two

Hello diamonds!

I decided to do another Disneybounding post! I really enjoyed making my last one, and I got a bunch of requests, so here we go again!

(all images in this post were compiled by me, using images of photos of products found on Amazon)

First up, we have one of my favorites, Winnie-the-Pooh! This one was requested by Chloë.

This one was fairly simple, but I still think it turned out pretty cute. Obviously, we have a red t-shirt for our lovable silly old bear. I added some golden yellow leggings. The shoes were a fun addition because not only do the clogs look like Pooh’s feet but also they’re lined with fur. You know who else has fur? Pooh bear!

For the accessories, I added a little honeybee necklace and a bear ear headband. The headband is optional, but I think it adds a cute touch.

Secondly is Mulan. This one was requested by Ib and Heidi.

I wasn’t 100% sure how I wanted to do Mulan. She wears a lot of outfits, but I decided to base this look on the pink kimono she wears at the matchmakers. I found this floral pink dress that I thought suited Mulan, and then found the blue belt from there. I picked some floral blue shoes to match.

For the accessories, we have a floral hair clip(because of that one flower in adversity quote…), and a dragon necklace. I’m pretty happy with this Disneybound!

Requested by Blue, we have Tinker Bell!

I started with this lovely ruffled dress. I love this color! It feels very fairylike to me. For the shoes, I picked some very sparkly ballet flats.

You can probably tell, but for the accessories, I went with a lot of sparkles. A sparkly bracelet, sparkly eyeshadow, and a sparkly bun holder. The only non-sparkly thing is the green purse. I just feel like Tinker Bell would carry a purse for some reason…

Cinderella! You guys seemed to want me to do this one. Both Heidi and Maya requested this one.

So instead of starting with the dress this time…I started with the shoes! I think these ones definitely look like glass slippers. The dress is a bit fancy, but it’s still really lovely! Honestly, I would wear this look to prom or something.

I stayed pretty true to Cinderella’s original accessories. A blue headband and a choker…plus I added some sparkly earrings.

For the last Disneybound of this post, I went with Rapunzel. Blue and Sarah wanted to see me do this one.

When I saw the wrap shirts, I just knew they’d be perfect for Rapunzel. I thought this one was really cute. I also love the waistline of this denim skirt and I think it’d look super cute with the shirt. And for the shoes, I figured since Rapunzel’s basically been barefoot her entire life, she’d appreciate flip flops.

For the accessories, I just had to go with golden sun jewelry. Seeing as the sun is the symbol of Rapunzel’s kingdom. (CORONAAAAA) I like them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these Disneybounds! Remember, if you want to see more, feel free to request some characters in the comments below!

31 thoughts on “Disneybounding with Diamond || episode two

  1. Eek, Diamond, I love your Disneybounding posts! My favorite’s gonna have to be Rapunzel’s. I would love to see Merida’s outfit in the next episode!

    (Also, I apologize for my disappearance off the face of the earth. I’m going to catch up on all of the posts I missed. XD)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ooh I like Rapunzel’s outfit the most, I think. Although all of them are lovely : ) hmmm maybe you could do Mirabel. From Encanto. Ooh have you done Belle? I feel like you’ve done Belle~

    Liked by 1 person

  3. UMMM, THIS IS AMAZING! You’re so good at thisss! Like, WOW!

    I’m obsessed with the Winnie the Pooh one! I was Winnie the Pooh for Halloween last year.

    I loved this! You should definitely do more!

    Liked by 1 person

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