12 Books I Want To Read In 2022

Hey diamonds!

I did one of these posts last year and it was a lot of fun! Basically, I’m going to be sharing 12 books that I want to read in 2022.

From last year, I actually read most of the books! All but 2, which I think is pretty great. Anyway, the two I didn’t read are going back on this list.

1. An Ember in the Ashes

Yup…I still have not read Ember in the Ashes! I really want to try it, I’ve heard such great things about this book!

2. The Crown’s Game

This is actually the oldest book on my physical TBR, and I have the sequel. So I’d better give it a try.

3. The Return of the King

I had book one on my 2021 list, and I read both books one and two! These books are pretty intimidating, but I’d love to finish this trilogy in 2022.

The False Prince (The Ascendance Series, Book 1)

4. The False Prince

Issabelle gently persuaded me to pick this one up. Very gently…haha. So um, I’d better read it and make her happy!

I did have this on my TBR for a while anyway.

5. Mistborn

This is a huge book…and it kind of intimidates me. But I saw a copy for $2 at my local used bookstore…so I might as well give it a try.

The Secret Princess: A Retelling of The Goose Girl (Return to the Four Kingdoms)

6. The Secret Princess

It’s no secret that I love Melanie Cellier’s writing. Seeing as I have Kindle Unlimited now, I really have no excuse not to read all of her backlog!

7. The Ballad of Never After

I LOVED Once Upon a Broken Heart. So I’m definitely eagerly anticipating the sequel.

8. The Titan’s Curse

I started the Percy Jackson series last year and I’d like to continue with it!

9. Evalene’s Number

I love Bethany Atazadeh’s Stolen Kingdom series, so I’d love to read her other series!

10. Straight On Till Morning

I love the Twisted Tales series…plus this one is available on Kindle Unlimited…

11. Goldheart

I started the Andari Chronicles a couple years ago, and I’m eager to continue.

12. Cinders, Stars, and Glass Slippers

I’ve found that Brittany Fichter’s books are hit or miss for me, but I have a bunch of them that I got on sale. I’d like to try this one. I’ve heard good things about it.

Okay, those are the books I want to prioritize for 2022! I’d definitely like to get to more than 12, but I also don’t want to stress myself out. My reading goal this year is 24 books. I also have a few reading challenges that I’m participating in on Storygraph. So, I’d like to read 12 classics this year, as well as books recommended by friends, and books off of my physical TBR.

What are some books you’d like to read this year? Do you have any books you think I’d like?

13 thoughts on “12 Books I Want To Read In 2022

  1. You should definitely read “An Ember in the Ashes”! It’s one of my favorite books, and it’s so amazing!!
    I also want to finish the LOTR series this year. I liked the first two, even thought they are, like you said, kind of intimidating, but they’re also really good!

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  2. “Issabelle gently persuaded me to pick this one up” Yes, if gently persuaded means SCREAM AND TELL YOU TO READ IT SO MANY TIMES YOU’RE PROBABLY SICK OF IT, then yes, that’s exactly what I did. 😜 I AM SO EXCITED IT’S ON YOUR LIST THIS YEAR THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crossing fingers that you love it* I hope to read The Two Towers this year and I’d LOVE to read Evalene’s Number sometime! I just bought a copy of Long May She Reign (dunno if you remember that you recommended it to me) so that books on my list this year!!! I’m hoping to do a reread of The False Prince as well!!

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    1. xD yuppp. I think that’s actually the dictionary definition 😉

      Good luck with the Two Towers! It’s dense but great. And aghhh Long May She Reign is amazing! I hope you love it!
      ahhh we should buddy read it!

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  3. WOW, that’s a lot of books, or at least for me, haha! I’ve never read any of those.

    Anytime I see a book post, I think “gosh, I should really read for fun more!” I just read a lot as part of my curriculum, so I don’t love it. But, I definitely would if I read books for my pleasure. I need some recommendations..?

    Anyways, great post!

    And yes, I’m super late to this post…

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    1. xD It’s only one per month…

      Ahh you should! I can totally understand that…reading for school can kind of suck the enjoyment out of it.
      I think you’d enjoy The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. Also, Cinder by Marissa Meyer. That one is the book that got me into reading, so I might be a little bias…but I think you’d like it!

      Thank you!


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