Finishing February 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

Hello diamonds!

February was…okay. It dragged on a lot…um, yeah.

I got a new mattress in February! It’s super comfy, and Rocket-approved.

I made pretzels! They were so good.

I also bought this Christmasy bedspread. I don’t regret it.

Aren’t my dogs cute?

I tried a new recipe…I liked this pumpkin chili.

I had some friends over for my birthday. That was nice.

We finally saw Spider-Man! It was so good!

I made strawberry blondies and they’re so good!

Saw this at Walmart…I guess Grogu likes power tools.

Aw….Rocket ❀

Reviewing February’s Goals:

Write some of Aftershock(ACTUALLY do this this month okay?)


Aftershock…probably won’t be coming out until the fall.

Olympic Week on BABF(oooh fun)

Yup! This turned out amazing.

Prepare for BABF organization(DO this one too!)

I mean I’m a little more prepared than I was.

Go see NWH(finallyyyyyyyyyyyy)

Yessssssss! I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but I did.

Get room decor(you guys will get a room tour don’t worry.)

I got some! I’m waiting on a few things though until I get my furniture.

Get ceiling fan(for the living room)

Yesssssss! It looks SO good!

Sell bedroom set(so I don’t have two…um)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do this this month. Onto March’s list of goals it goes!

Ignore that day where I get older(it happens every year! why?)

Sadly I did not ignore it…it wasn’t awful though.

Clean the house(heh)


Prepare for someone to visit(oooh, who’s visiting?)

I’d like to say so.

March Goals:

  • Try time-blocking(to organize my messy life)
  • Write at least 10k in Betrayal of Thorns (my new WIP…)
  • Finish writing L’Etudiant Etranger(so I can post it in April!)
  • Sell bedroom set(again…I don’t need two)
  • Try to maintain tidy room(i’m not a complete pig…)
  • Read at least 10 books, including 1 classic (also preferrably ones with green covers. Issabelle and I are in a competition to see who can read the most green books in March)
  • Read a chapter of Psalms every day(bc your girl has not been reading her Bible…also I’m doing this with Anna bc friends make everything better)

IH12OP Posts

I’m really happy with these posts! I did a few collabs, and made some posts that are just fun overall.


Again, I’m happy with these. I feel like I’ve gotten out of my blogging slump and I’m making posts I want to make.

BOOKCrown of Secrets by Melanie Cellier

MOVIESpider-Man: No Way Home

TV SHOWHawkeye (finally finished this one!)

SONG – Fast Times(FYI, this is explicit)

POST – Miriam did this sweet post for my birthday!

I had the idea to do a honeycomb/bee theme, so I tried that for March.


I think it looks really cute! Also, the page on the other side is just about healthy habits, you can ignore that lol!


I’m introducing a new spread this month, weekly tasks! Hopefully, this will help me keep up with my to-do list. I also have the same sort of meals/media page I’ve had for a while.


The monthly overview…again I love these colors.


Finally, I have my blogging page and my habits and mood trackers. I’m tracking a lot of habits this month, haha!

‘Twas my February. Let’s talk about your month in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Finishing February 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. GREAT POST! Really nice goals! And amazing pictures! And the star of your new mattress pic was rocketπŸ˜‚
    Your dogs are really adorable you should put them in more posts!❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the bee bullet journal theme! I’ve been wanting to start doing bullet journaling for a while, but I can never find the time!!
    The pretzels also look good! I’ve been wanting to make some soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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