DiSnEyBoUnDiNg WiTh dIaMoNd || EpIsOdE fIvE

Hi DiAmOnDs! I fIgUrE wItH aS bUsY aS i’Ve bEeN lAtElY, iT’s HiGh TiMe FoR aNoThEr DiSnEyBoUnDiNg PoSt! I cAn UsUaLlY mAkE tHeSe PrEtTy QuIcKlY, aNd I kNoW y’AlL lOvE tHeM, sO i WaS eXcItEd FoR tHiS oNe.

ThIs OnE iS a LiTtLe DiFfErEnT tHaN tHe LaSt FoUr. AlL fIvE oF tHeSe ArE fRoM tHe SaMe MoViE…iNsIdE oUt!

PeAnUtBuTtErSaNdWiChEs ReQuEsTeD a ChArAcTeR fRoM iNsIdE oUt, AnD mY fRiEnD mIrIaM lOvEs ThIs MoViE, sO i FiGuReD…wHy NoT dO aLl FiVe Of ThE eMoTiOnS fRoM tHe FiLm?

SaDnEsS wAs ThE fIrSt OnE i DeCiDeD tO dO, aNd ShE wAs ThE eAsIeSt. I pIcKeD oUt SoMe DaRk JeAnS, a LiGhT bLuE sWeAtEr, A nAvY hAt, DaRk BlUe FlAtS aNd SoMe BlUe SuNgLaSsEs. I fEeL lIkE iT lOoKs A lOt LiKe ThE oUtFiT sAdNeSs WeArS iN tHe MoViE.

dIsGuSt’S wAs FuN. i PiCkEd SoMe DaRk GrEeN lEgGiNgS, a PaTtErNeD sUnDrEsS, a PiNk ScArF aNd PiNk FlAtS. agGaIn, I fEeL lIkE tHiS oUtFiT eNcApSuLaTeS tHe ChArAcTeR.

mY tHiRd ChArAcTeR iS fEaR. i PiCkEd SoMe PuRpLe PaNtS, a HoUnDsToOtH vEsT, a LiGhT bLuE bUtToN-dOwN sHiRt, BlAcK fLaTs, AnD a ReD bOw FoR yOuR hAiR.

jOy WaS aCtUaLlY kInD oF hArD fOr SoMe ReAsOn, BuT i’M hApPy WiTh ThIs TuRnOuT. i PiCkEd A yElLoW sUnDrEsS aNd LoTs Of BlUe AcCeSsOrIeS.

lAsT bUt NoT lEaSt, AnGeR! i PiCkEd SoMe BrOwN pAnTs, A wHiTe ShIrT, a ReD cArDiGaN, aNd BlAcK sHoEs. AnD oF cOuRsE…i CoUlDn’T rEsIsT aDdInG tHiS fIrEy WiG. hOwEvEr…If YoU eVeR dO dEcIdE tO wEaR sOmEtHiNg LiKe ThIs At DiSnEy WoRlD…dOn’T wEaR tHe WiG! iT’s VeRy UnCoMfOrTaBlE tO wEaR a WiG iN oRlAnDo, Fl. (I sPeAk FrOm ExPeRiEnCe…)

AlRiGhT, i HoPe YoU eNjOyEd ThIs PoSt! I dO aPoLoGiZe ThAt I’vE bEeN pReTtY bEhInD oN bLoGgInG lAtElY, bUt I’m HoPiNg To GeT bAcK iN tHe GrOoVe oF tHiNgS sOoN.

wHaT dId YoU tHiNk Of ThEsE oUtFiTs? Do YoU hAvE aNy ReQuEsTs fOr ThIs SeRiEs?

P.s. Go ChEcK oUt KaLeY’s GiVeAwAy! IT’s PrEtTy AwEsOmE…yOu WoN’t ReGrEt EnTeRiNg!

14 thoughts on “DiSnEyBoUnDiNg WiTh dIaMoNd || EpIsOdE fIvE

  1. There seems to be something wrong with your keyboard😏
    I like these! Joy is my fave! But I would take away the headband and have a blue hat.
    Sadness has to be the most comfy looking which makes sense since when you are sad you like to retreat and put on comfy clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. these are perfect 😍😍 ESPECIALLY disgust!!!
    my next requests: copper and tod, pumba and timon, and disney sidekicks! like mushu, crikee, stitch, meeko, percy, and more!

    Liked by 1 person

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