A Character Conversation feat. Kaley {Words Blog Tour}

Hey guys! Today I have a fun post for you…a character interview with Kaley! This is to celebrate the release of her author blog…Words!

We did a character interview. It was pretty fun! Her character is Amelia from her project What Matters Most, and my character is Aly from a new project of mine. It’s not currently named😂

Enjoy the interview!

Hi! I’m Alyson Stevens, but you can call me Aly. All my friends do. I’m 15 and I’m from Raleigh, NC. Tell me a little about yourself.

Hey! I’m Amelia Standish. I’m 15, I live in Moore, Oklahoma, and I have four brothers. Plus I like music. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Nice to meet you, Aly!

Ugh. I also have four siblings. They’re such a pain sometimes. Why don’t you tell me a little about your brothers?

Well the oldest two are twins, seniors in highschool, who are annoyingly popular and a lot of girls I know have crushes on them. Their names are Caspian and Quincy, and their faces are probably the most similar thing about them. Next is me, the middle child and only girl. Then we have Chase, a sevie, who can be both a silent mood and a pest, depending on the day. And last but not least is Adris, the little first grader who makes me laugh, smile, and roll my eyes in abundance. What are your siblings like?

I definitely feel that about little pests. As the oldest, I feel all of my siblings are pests. Madison, the only other girl, is closest to my age at 12. Then there’s Mason, Grayson, and Bryson (that’s a mouthful), ages 8, 4, and 2 respectively. And there’s a baby on the way.

Oof. When Adris was on the way, I remember thinking the age gap was cool and my friends thought it was weird, and it wasn’t even that big an age gap. What’s it like knowing you’re going to be so much older than the baby?

Honestly I don’t care that much. I’m not very excited to have another sibling. Besides, there’s already a thirteen-year age gap between me and Bryson. Be glad you’re the middle child…the oldest always gets ignored.

My family is annoying. That’s why I’d rather hang out with my friends. Do you have many friends?

*giggles* The OLDEST gets ignored? My mom is always concerned about Adris and the twins always make my dad proud and get all the friends. Chase and I kind of get ignored.

I mainly have my best friend, Clover, but I also have Trixie recently. Trixie is SO cool and Clover is super talented and amazing. What are your friends like?

I can actually kind of see that. Because when my extended family gets together, I always get ignored since I’m not the oldest nor youngest cousin. Trixie and Clover sound nice! My friends are awesome, there’s Olivia, Zoe, and Brooklyn. We love hanging out together. Our spot is the local diner. I’m just…a bit bummed. This year, my family’s going to go to my grandparents’ house in the mountains all summer and I won’t get to see them much. I had this bucket list planned for all the cool stuff we were going to do this summer and now we won’t get to do any of it.

That stinks! It’s kind of funny because you want to be with your friends and honestly Clover and Trixie are being a little silly right now. They keep getting mad at me because I have a crush on this boy. For some weird reason they don’t trust him. And to make matters worse, I have some secret admirer now that they think is amazing but really I just want my crush to like me back, not some rando dude. Y’know?

Oh wow, that does sound messy. Why can’t the people around us just accept us? Like, your friends should just accept that you like this boy. And my parents should understand that I want to spend the summer with my friends. And also a secret admirer? It sounds sweet, but also it might not be someone who you like back. Brooklyn had a secret admirer once. My friends and I all joined together to find out who he was. They’re actually dating now, but if you want some tips on finding out who he is, let me know.

Exactly! They should. Ooh that’s interesting! See, I don’t want to know who it is because I already know I don’t have a crush on anyone who would say/do the stuff this guy is doing. And I don’t want to hurt him because I’m still nice. I just… want him to stop so I don’t have to reject him and so that my crush won’t think I’m taken or anything. It’s so complicated. *groans*

Oof. That’s the sort of drama I’m glad I’m not involved in. I’m not allowed to date until I’m sixteen, but even so, I’m not in a rush. I think at the end of the day boys aren’t the most important thing in life. But I do hope that your situation gets worked out.

I get that. I hope it does too. And who knows? Maybe your parents will see your side, too, and you’ll get to see your friends after all. Nice getting to know you!

Yeah, I hope so. It’s been very nice to meet you too!

Kaley Kriesel is a 15-year-old Christian author from Oklahoma, USA, where she pursues Jesus and studies from her home. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and when she isn’t writing, learning, or socializing, you can most often find her playing ukulele or reading a book. She has two blogs, Words and Sketch Scribble Scribe. This tour is for Words.

Go check out Kaley’s tour! Here’s the schedule.


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