Summer Day In The Life

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to document a day in the life for the summer this year. So when I was running low on post ideas…I decided to move up that idea. These photos are from Tuesday, June 21st. It was a pretty relaxing day, but still filled with enough things to keep it interesting.

We begin the day at the ripe hour of 9:30…guys I know this is late, but my sleep schedule has been so bad lately. Anyway, I love waking up to the sweet Rocket.

I began the day by checking my to-do list. I don’t do this every day, but I should! It was pretty helpful.

As you can see, I don’t have much on the to-do list. But we all know there’s almost no chance of me completing everything.

Then it’s time to get ready for the day.

For breakfast, I got these muffins from Walmart since they were only a dollar.

After breakfast, my grandma and I played a game of Yahtzee.

I read for a bit…I wasn’t all that into the book though!

Then it was time to load up in the car and go get mani-pedis!

My mom and I each got a mani-pedi. I read while at the nail salon. I think this was the second mani-pedi I’ve ever had, and it was very nice.

Look! Aren’t my nails pretty? for once

After the nail salon, we went to Mcdonald’s for drinks. I tried their new frozen Dr. Pepper and I quite liked it.

Mom and I brought home Chinese for lunch…I love sesame chicken.

More reading once we got back!

My grandma, mom, and I played another game…Five Crowns this time.

I then finished my book, and we headed to the movies!

We went to see Lightyear. It wasn’t my favorite movie, but it was fine. I think everyone liked it well enough and it gave us something to do together. The cat was my favorite of course.

Once we got back, we decided to eat dinner. We had leftover Chinese.

Then I had to work on a post for the next day…I’ve been pretty behind but I think I might be able to catch up?

I also caught up on reading some blog posts. I got really behind when I went to camp.

This one pictured by Maggie was pretty cute.

Rocket was so ready for bed.

Then it was time for my nightly routine.

I listened to my audiobook while I did it. It was pretty nice.

I ended my day by writing in my journal.

What did you think of my summer day? What do you normally do in a day?


14 thoughts on “Summer Day In The Life

  1. Those nails are gorgeous!!
    I just recently started painting mine since I always have had tiny bitten nails. For some reason I never bite my nails when I’m bored. Only when I’m doing something entertaining.😒😑
    Anyway, they are getting longer. I hope the will be long enough for camp.
    OOoooo! Agatha Christie! I just finished that mystery a few weeks ago! I really liked it.
    Awwwe! Rocket! So cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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