The Bookish Wishlist Tag

Hello friends! Maggie nominated me for this tag, and I thought it looked like a lot of fun! She created it…she always has the most fun tag ideas! Thanks Maggie!


  • thank the blogger who tagged you / link to the blog you found this tag on 
  • link back to Maggie@Maggie’s Doodles (original post) 
  • include the badge and rules somewhere in your post 
  • share 10-15 types of books you’re always looking out for! (unique plots, favorite sub-genres, written by indie authors, etc
  • tag 5-10 book-loving bloggers to participate! 

My Wishlist:

  • YA contemporary books that don’t involve romance(why does every contemporary book with teens end in the teens falling in love?)
  • Historical fiction that isn’t set during WWII
  • Mysteries that keep you guessing
  • Books with the found family trope
  • Fairytale retellings with a twist
  • Books that I can read in a day
  • Fantasy books that describe clothes
  • Books that matter…ones with important themes that leave a lasting impression
  • Classic books that don’t take forever for me to get into (with my modern attention span)
  • Fantasy books with unique magic systems

Alrighty, I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically, because I personally hate doing that, but instead, I’ll nominate anyone who’s read more than 12 books this year!

Let’s chat in the comments! Do you know of any books that fit in my bookish wishlist? What is something you always love in a book?


10 thoughts on “The Bookish Wishlist Tag

  1. Fairest Son by HSJ Williams is a fairy tale retelling with a twist that you can read in a day!

    I’ve got a classic retelling with a found-family trope in it coming, but it won’t release until next fall.

    I feel like Entwined by Heather Dixon was a fantasy that described the clothes a bunch. It was also a fairy tale with a twist.

    (I’m here for all the fairy tale retellings and fantasy wishes) 🙂

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    1. Ooh, that one sounds really good! I’ll have to try that.

      ooh, that sounds amazing! I’d love to read that when it comes out.

      Oh yeah! I’ve actually read that one, it’s pretty good!

      Thanks for reading and recommending!


  2. Aw thanks so much for doing my tag! I have a few recommendations for you 😍
    A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin is an incredible historical fiction novel! It’s set in the Chicago world fair time period. It has a mystery and romance plot!
    It’s been a while since I read them, but The Frog Princess series by E.D. Baker had a unique magic system! I really enjoyed those 😄
    I think Fairest by Gail Carson Levine is a fantasy that describes clothes! It’s been a minute since I read it tho haha

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