Revisiting My Summer Bucket List

Hey friends! Today I’m going to be revisiting my summer bucket list and seeing what all I did and didn’t get done. I hope you enjoy!

Item 1 – Make Money

I did come up with some ways to make money. And I got enough to pay my dad back for my car!


Item 2 – Sell Items

I didn’t actually manage to sell anything. But I did list some American Girl things on eBay, and I’m going to try again!


Item 3 – Work on my Car

I didn’t technically do any of this. But my dad replaced my brakes and I decided I didn’t need a backup camera. My dad put a radio in like right after summer ended…but it’s in now!


Items 4, 5, and 6 – Clean my Room, Studio, and Bathroom

I’m going to consider this done. I didn’t clean my studio to my liking, but oh well!


Item 7 – Buy Room Decor

Yeah, I got the things I needed…and maybe some things I didn’t.


Item 8 – Get a Chair

Yeah! I’m really happy with it.


Item 9 – Get a Bookshelf

I mean, not really. But I did get my bed that has a bookshelf, so I’m gonna count it!


Item 10 – Visit the Library Regularly

Well…I visited the library a good amount. But I didn’t go too often because I was out of town a lot and I didn’t want to risk late fees.


Item 11 – Read a Lot From My Physical TBR

Um…the idea with this is that I would reduce my physical TBR, but I’m pretty sure I added a lot more than I read.


Item 12 – Read More Ebooks

I feel like I read quite a few ebooks. But my dad wants to cancel Kindle Unlimited now, which makes me a little sad…but I can always get it again someday!


Item 13 – Read at Least 25 Books

I actually read 34 so…


Item 14 – Go Book Shopping with a Friend

Yes! I enjoyed this and hopefully she did too!


Item 15 – Beta Read Books

Yup! I officially caught up with my beta reads.


Item 16 – Read 4 Classics

I feel like I read 4 classics. I also read Jane Eyre which I specifically mentioned. I didn’t read any LOTR though.


Item 17 – Finish 3 Series’

I think so!



Item 18 – Plot my Summer WIP

Yeah…this was the easy part.


Item 19 – Draft my Summer WIP



Item 20 – Write the Next Season of Aftershock

Yes! I feel so relieved that I completed this. Now I just need to edit it…


Item 21 – Complete CHH

I mean, things didn’t go according to plan, but I did finish the year of camp.


Item 22 – Post Twice a Week on IH12OP

Um, I started out great but stopped in August…


Item 23 – Contact Giveaway Winners

I completely forgot I hosted a giveaway…but I did do this at the beginning of summer.



Item 24 – Go on Church Trips



Item 24 – Go to the Beach

Yeah! It was a lot of fun.


Item 25 – Go on a Trip with my Car

Not really…


Item 26 – Visit my Grandma



Item 27 – Get More Comfortable on the Interstate

I did drive on the interstate a lot more this summer. I’m still not quite comfortable driving on it by myself, but progress is progress.


Item 28 – Planning for a Big Trip

Yes! I’m so excited, and all I can say right now is that I may be planning a whole series about this place!


Item 29 – Watch a Lot of Movies

Haha, nope…



Item 30 – Play Video Games

I didn’t play Animal Crossing much, but I did play a lot of Pokemon. Actually, I think I’ll play some more once I finish this post…


Item 31 – Paint my Parent’s Bedroom

Nope…I mean it’s not my fault because I can’t exactly paint their room without their input and stuff, but still…


Item 32 – Clothes Shopping

I definitely bought a fair number of new clothes. But I pretty much got everything online because in-person stores don’t have any clothes that I like.


Item 33 – Make a Summer ’22 Playlist

Yeah! Now it’s about time to make one for fall though…


Item 34 – Make New Recipes/Desserts

I kind of forgot that I put this on here? I don’t think I made anything new. Heh…


Item 35 – Paint Something

Nope. I did not paint anything this summer…


Okay, let’s add up the things I did…26/35 things! That’s about 75%, so not too bad.

Let me know about the things you did this summer! I’d love to know.


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