Midnights Album Review

Hi friends…it’s time for a review of Taylor’s new album!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect for Midnights. I liked the era aesthetic, but I haven’t been too fond of Taylor’s latest albums. So I was hesitantly excited.

I’ve listened to the album a couple of times already, but I haven’t given it the proper attention. So far, I really am liking the album! It sounds different than anything Taylor’s come out with before, and it’s kind of fitting with my taste in music right now. Anyway, in this post, I’m going to dissect the songs and share my thoughts!

Lavender Haze

I really like this one! The sound is so cool and this one might be my favorite off the album? It’s too early to tell though. It’s a really catchy song.


I feel like I expected this one to be my favorite based on the titles alone. I like it, but it’s not my favorite. I do like how Taylor uses colors as symbolism.


This was the first song I heard off Midnights. I think it’s clever! The video was also pretty cool. It’s catchy and it’s got a great message. I can definitely see why Taylor chose this one for a single.

Snow On The Beach

This is such a pretty song. But…Lana’s part is so minimal. I was kind of disappointed by that, but I guess I expected as much. If I didn’t know this was a collab, I’d never know.

You’re On Your Own, Kid

This is a pretty song. I think it’s got a nice beat and a nice message. It isn’t quite the typical track 5 though…

Midnight Rain

I love this one! It’s got nice beat. It’s somewhat sad but also peppy if that makes sense.


I really like this one too…okay, I do really like this album. This song is really catchy.

Vigilante Sh*t

Ahh the beat is so cool here. This song sounds so different than Taylor’s old albums and I actually really like it.


I’m beginning to think this album review is just going to look like me enjoying all of the songs. But it’s true!


This one’s very breathy. I kind of like it, but I also kind of don’t? I like most of the other songs better.


It’s so catchy! I think it’s funny how Taylor actually released a song called Karma.

Sweet Nothing

This one’s pretty. But it seems pretty average as far as Taylor Swift songs go.


I really like the chorus in this song. It’s so catchy.

The Great War

Ahh, the 3am vault songs are so cool! I think this one is really catchy and it sounds like a classic Taylor Swift song.

Bigger Than the Whole World

This one’s really sad. I heard a theory that it’s about a miscarriage, and honestly, that makes more sense than a break-up if you really listen to the lyrics.


I really like this one! It might be my favorite of the 3am songs, I don’t know. It’s so catchy.

High Infidelity

I don’t really have a lot of specific thoughts about this one. It’s alright, but nothing spectacular.


This one’s really catchy too. I like the chorus of it.

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

The chorus of this is SO catchy! Ahhh, I like this one too.

Dear Reader

I feel like there’s a little too much autotune in this one? Like, I know that all songs have autotune these days, but this one just doesn’t sound quite right.

Okay, so to sum up this post…I like Midnights. It’s probably my favorite Taylor Swift album since Lover. It might be in my top 3 Taylor Swift albums? But it’s too soon to tell. Only time will tell.

Have you heard Midnights yet? What did you think of it? Which song is your favorite?


5 thoughts on “Midnights Album Review

  1. I didn’t really like her past few albums, but I like this one a lot! Some of the songs have been stuck in my head lately, though. They’re very catchy! 😄


  2. Lana seriously should’ve had a verse or something 😭 I still really love the song though, despite being disappointed about how minimal her role is.
    I thought the same about Dear Reader! It feels a bit.. weird, I guess.
    Lavender Haze is one of my favourites toooooo. I still can’t decide on a ranking, though, despite listening to this album so much recently. what’re your top three songs off of it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss fr. I’m kinda hoping she releases her version of it…at least you can see her influences in the lyrics.
      Ranking is hard! I feel like it changes so quickly for me, but I think I’d say my top three are Lavender Haze, Question…?, and Midnight Rain. I also love Mastermind and Karma though! What’s your top three?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh yeah, that’s be great.
        Oh same, I can’t decide for the life of me. Probably anti-hero, lavender haze, and snow on the beach at the moment, though?? 😌 vigilante shit’s up there too!!

        Liked by 1 person

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