Organizing October 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

October has come to an end…

Honestly, the first half of October wasn’t bad, but the second half…well, you’ll read about that in a moment.

I think you’ll find that most of my month revolved around one thing…Rocket.

We studied so much this month…he’s really growing to be such a smart doggo.

I put some Christmas lights in my room! I really like how pretty they are and how cozy they make the room.

This dog loves the sun…I swear he’s glowing.

It finally got cold enough for sweater season!

My mom and I went to the beach for a weekend to meet some of her friends. It was a nice trip…

Until my dad called us at 3AM. When he asked my mom where a 24 hour vet was…she immediately asked “What’s wrong with Rocket?” Of course when I heard that, there was no chance at sleep. I was so worried about my dog!

Turned out he broke out in hives, and we still aren’t sure the reason. But that prompted a lot of anxiety for me of course. I wanted to drive home that night, but we still had a day on our hotel and we weren’t sure if it was a good idea to drive home on less than 3 hours of sleep.

We’ve gotten him treatment for the hives, and he seemed to be getting better until Halloween when he broke out again. We will definitely be trying to get to the bottom of all this.

Speaking of Halloween, I had a lot of fun with my Halloween posts on BABF! They’ll be linked below if you missed any.

I actually wrote a fair amount this month. After the whole situation with Rocket, I didn’t really write any, but I did manage 20k this month!

Look at that angel…

Reviewing October’s Goals

  • Prepare for Christmas (and make a list of various Christmas gifts)

I made a plan. I still have a lot to do, but I have November.

  • Submit school assignments on time (and don’t wait until the last minute)

I didn’t wait til the last minute! (except for with a couple things, but they were still on time. It’s okay…)

  • Make a Shein order (including a dress for a wedding in December)

Ummm no. heh.

  • Get to 10k in DoA (no, you don’t get a title yet)

Yes! I wrote over 20k in Destiny of Ashes!

  • Prepare for a trip (and maybe make a series about it)


This breaks my heart because we’ve been planning this trip for over a year, but sadly I don’t think we’ll be going. At least not to the extent we had planned. And I did actually start a series about it…but it feels kind of pointless to post it now. What do you guys think?

I’m still pretty bummed that we won’t be going, but I feel like this is best for Rocket. And he’s my top priority right now, so…

  • Prepare for a smaller trip (will share no details as of now)

Yeah! My mom and I took a short trip to the beach.

  • Read a bunch of library books (plus just books in general)

Okay, that seems like a pretty good list to me! I hope I get to all of these.

Goals for November

  • Get a lot ready for Christmas (presents, decor, blogmas, etc.)
  • Keep up with school (and study for finals)
  • Find a puppy to adopt (aaahhhhhh)
  • Write more of DoA (I kinda wanna finishhhh it, but 30k is a lot to write)
  • Finally get a dress for the wedding (if I’m having this much problem with a wedding guest dress…I will never find an actual wedding dress)
  • Have a nice Thanksgiving (mmm, food)
  • Prepare for blogging events (I won’t elaborate right now…)

IH12OP Posts

I seem to remember having a more exciting posting month here. Oh well. I’ll probably have some good stuff in November and December. I do really like the Know the Novel post along with the Midnights Album Review.

BABF Posts

I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get up anything but Aftershock this month, but I was! I’m really happy with the three Halloween posts I did.

BOOKThe Princess Game by Melanie Cellier

MOVIEMonster’s Inc.

POSTTeen Writer’s Nook hosted Teen Writer’s Rally! Also, my good friend Kaley is doing NoNo November! Check them both out!

SONG – Lavender Haze


I’d originally planned to do a really cool theme for November(related to our trip), but that didn’t work out. As the month progressed, I knew I needed to set up November’s theme, so I quickly scratched out this simple spread. I have an overview and a brain dump.


Here I have meals/media and tasks.


Finally, a habits and blogging page.

Whew, October is over! And I can’t exactly say I’m upset. Here’s to hoping for a better November!

How was your October everyone? Tell me about something fun you have planned for November!


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