Destiny of Ashes Aesthetics {Inspired by Midnights}

Hey guys! Today I have a fun little post for you.

Lately, there’s been two things occupying my free time. Taylor Swift’s new album and drafting Destiny of Ashes. Or better yet…listening to Midnights while drafting!

Anyway, since I’ve been thinking a lot about these two pieces of media, it’s only natural that I can find ways for the songs to match up with the story. I thought it might be fun to make aesthetics based on each song.

I’d like to thank Pinterest for making this post possible. Every image in the aesthetics is from Pinterest, not mine. All the lyrics are from Taylor’s Midnights album (obviously,) and anything in quotation marks is a snippet from Destiny of Ashes. I hope you enjoy!

lavender haze - 1
maroon - 1
anti-hero - 1
snow on the beach - 1
you're on your own kid - 1
midnight rain - 1
question...? - 1
vigilante shit - 1
bejeweled - 1
labyrinth - 1
karma - 1
sweet nothing - 1
mastermind - 1

Which of these aesthetics is your favorite? I think I’d either have to pick Karma or You’re on Your Own, Kid, even though that one was probably the hardest one. I also like the way Snow on the Beach turned out.

And if anyone is wondering, my three favorite songs from this album are Lavender Haze, Midnight Rain, and Question…? (of course, this is subject to change)

What about you guys? Have you heard the album yet? What are your top three songs?


13 thoughts on “Destiny of Ashes Aesthetics {Inspired by Midnights}

  1. This is such a cool idea! The aesthetics are amazing!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ You have no idea how excited I was when I saw the title, haha.

    My favourites of the aesthetics are Snow on the Beach, You're On Your Own, Kid, Karma and Sweet Nothing.

    Also I think my top favourites from the album are Anti-Hero, Vigilante S***, Mastermind and The Great War. Though I've only listened to the album once so I'm not sure. They stood out among the rest anyway.

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    1. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making them. Midnights has been definitely been replaying in my head over and over lately.

      Thanks! The You’re On Your Own, Kid one was pretty difficult, but I really liked how it turned out too.

      Nice choices! I can definitely see those ones standing out. Honestly, the whole album is just amazing…you should listen to it some more😂

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