Decorating My Room For Christmas

Hello merry friends! Are you guys ready for Christmastime? I hope so, because I’m kicking off my Christmas-themed posts TODAY!

That’s right! And this year, I decided to do blogmas on IH12OP!

I won’t be doing a full 25 days, sadly. I want to do blogmas here on IH12OP and over on BABF, so the way this will work is I will post here on odd-numbered days (December 1st, 3rd, etc…) and on BABF for even-numbered days. I’m really excited to share all the stuff I have planned with you all! December is going to be a great month!

Anyway, today I’m going to kick things off with this unofficial blogmas post. I’m going to be sharing the process of me decorating my bedroom!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m one of those people who likes to decorate in November, before Thanksgiving. I don’t remember what day I did all this, but it was probably mid-November. I just remember how hot it was! It was over 80°F inside my house.


Alright, so first I enjoyed my fall decor for a little while. I’m so glad I have a room that looks this cute!


Oh, my perpetual calendar was definitely not accurate here. It was definitely November…xD


Anyway, the first step was getting all my decor out from last year. I have quite a bit but…


I may have bought more this year…I’ll share it all in a Hobby Lobby haul during blogmas!


I also got out a fresh set of sheets, a Christmas duvet cover, and a pillow cover.


Here’s everything spread out on my bed.


The first thing I did was switch out my calendar…I guess I did all this on November 8th.


I took all my fall decor down…see you next year!


I started with the Christmas decor by placing these window clings on my mirror. I’m not the biggest fan of gnomes, but I got these on clearance last year and I thought they made a fun addition to the room.


I got all my Christmas books off my shelf and placed them atop my chest. I used these pieces of decor as makeshift bookends…I think it turned out pretty cute!


Here’s the whole top of the chest. I really like everything on here…the Christmas dachshund, the advent calendar, the mini Christmas tree, and the books.

I put all these white signs up on my bookshelf…along with some fun Christmas lights.

I really like how this turned out!


Okay…time to put the duvet cover on. I always find the duvet cover difficult to put on, but this time I tried the burrito trick…


Basically how this works is that you put the duvet cover inside out, and then over the duvet. You roll the two up together, pull it through, and…


Ta-da! It was actually pretty easy!

I had fun making the bedding up.


Last but not least, I have my dresser decorated. I don’t have that much on here, but I do have a good number of signs.

And that’s all for my bedroom Christmas decor!

I hope you enjoyed seeing me decorate my room! I had a lot of fun making this post and decorating. I’m really happy with how my room turned out!

Do you decorate your room for Christmas? Tell me about it in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Decorating My Room For Christmas

  1. Oooo girl, I LOVE your Christmas decorations!!! I should really decorate my room for Christmas!! I usually just put out a couple of manger scenes and a nutcracker and call it done. XD I like how you have the fairy lights on your bed, that and the gnomes are super cute!!!

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    1. Thank you! I’m very grateful for my lovely (and sometimes over-the-top) decor. It’s fun to decorate your room! This is really the first year I’ve done it though.
      Thank you, Issabelle!

      Liked by 1 person

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