Holiday Mood Boards {collab with Charlie} || The Twelve Days of Christmas Day 2

On the second day of Blogmas…

Hello merry friends! Welcome back to the Twelve Days of Christmas on IH12OP! I hope you’re enjoying so far…

Today I’m collaborating with Charlie! Charlie reached out to me and asked if I wanted to do a blogmas collab and I said yes. She came up with the idea of giving each other three different aesthetics and creating mood boards based on them. I had a lot of fun making these mood boards…I hope you enjoy!

(also, I found all these images on Pinterest, and I compiled them into collages using Canva.)

The Mood Boards

The first prompt Charlie gave me was “Hot Chocolate.” I had a lot of fun finding photos of holiday mugs and marshmallows! I love the warm color scheme and I’m pretty happy with how cozy this ended up.

The next prompt she gave me was “Peppermint/Candy Cane.” I think this one might be my favorite! I love all the red and white…this collage is making me hungry…

Finally, Charlie wanted to see a green and red mood board. I probably had the most difficult time with this one, because even though red and green are important colors for Christmas, there aren’t a lot of just red and green photos. I had to look for a bit to find photos that would fit this theme, but I think I’m satisfied with what I have. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun!

Okay, those were my mood boards based on Charlie’s prompts! Don’t forget to check out Charlie’s half of the post on her blog!

I will see you all in a couple days for my next blogmas post! Tell me in the comments what your favorite holiday aesthetic is.


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