Welcome, random internet user. I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re at least a little curious what this blog is really about. Unless you’re new to the blogosphere, you’ve probably heard of me. I run Build a Bears Furever, and I’ve had two other blogs. So, why would I start yet another blog?

I absolutely love posting on Build a Bears Furever, but sometimes I do want to make other types of posts. This blog allows me to cut through all the planning and effort that making a BABF post takes. Now, I don’t want it to sound like I won’t ever put effort into a post on I Have 12% of a Plan, but it just won’t be quite as much work every time. Let’s just say there won’t be any Camp Happy Hearts on here XD.

A lovely graphic created by the lovely Mary

So what types of posts will I be posting? Honestly, there isn’t anything special, or different about this blog than the thousands of other personal blogs out there. I’m the thing that sets this blog apart. No two people are the same, which means you can never find content quite like mine anywhere on the Internet. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but it means that while you can expect typical personal blog/lifestyle blog posts, they won’t be the same as the others.

I’ll probably post about my travels a lot on here. I liked posting on BABF about my trips, but I’ll post them on here in the future unless I have pictures of the bears. I’ll post the occassional DIY that I may have found helpful. I’ll post stuff about me, and my bullet journal. I’ll post about music. You can see some of my photography, writings, and dogs. And oh yeah, you can expect some Marvel themed posts. Lately, I’ve been posting abour reading too.

You might be wondering what “I Have 12% of a Plan” actually means. Well, it’s a based of a quote from one of my favorite movies, Guardians of the Galaxy.

It isn’t shown there, but Peter mentions he has 12% of a plan. And, that isn’t the only instance where Marvel uses the number 12. I have a Marvel T-Shirt that has the number 12 on it. My theory is that 12c was the original cost of comics.

Also, I pretty much never know what I’m doing. Even coming up with this blog. I literally just toyed with the idea for a while and then typed the title into WordPress, not really realizing where I was going. So yeah, I don’t have a plan. And sometimes, that’s okay.