Decorating My Room For Christmas

Hello merry friends! Are you guys ready for Christmastime? I hope so, because I’m kicking off my Christmas-themed posts TODAY! That’s right! And this year, I decided to do blogmas on IH12OP! I won’t be doing a full 25 days, sadly. I want to do blogmas here on IH12OP and over on BABF, so the … More Decorating My Room For Christmas


Destiny of Ashes Aesthetics {Inspired by Midnights}

Hey guys! Today I have a fun little post for you. Lately, there’s been two things occupying my free time. Taylor Swift’s new album and drafting Destiny of Ashes. Or better yet…listening to Midnights while drafting! Anyway, since I’ve been thinking a lot about these two pieces of media, it’s only natural that I can … More Destiny of Ashes Aesthetics {Inspired by Midnights}

Midnights Album Review

Hi friends…it’s time for a review of Taylor’s new album! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect for Midnights. I liked the era aesthetic, but I haven’t been too fond of Taylor’s latest albums. So I was hesitantly excited. I’ve listened to the album a couple of times already, but I haven’t … More Midnights Album Review

The Book Snob Tag

Hey guys! this draft is from two months ago… I saw this tag on D’s blog and since she left an open nomination, I decided to give it a try. Let’s go! Adaptation Snob ~Do you always read the book before seeing the movie? No. In general, I try to, but sometimes I need to … More The Book Snob Tag