BIBPC Photo Contest

Hi Guardians! This year, I’ve decided to participate in BIBPC, hosted by Megan! I’m really excited about this, and here is where I’ll be posting all of my entries. I hope you like them!

I was really happy to be put on Team Winter, because winter is my favorite season!

Category 1 – Unnoticed

This is a photo of a doorknob and honestly, have you ever noticed doorknobs much before? I haven’t. This one is particularly elegant. It’s on the door to my wardrobe.

Category 2 – Fast

The only thing I could even think of was my dog, Rocket. Though he was named Rocket for other reasons, he seems to think he’s as fast as one. This photo wasn’t exactly what I hoped for, but it’s the best one I was able to take…

I missed a couple categories, because you know, life. However, I’m back now and I hope to complete the rest of the categories!

Category 5 – Surprise

I think that there are so many directions you could go when it comes to a surprise, but I feel like a blank page is a very good surprise. You never know what will end up on that page!

Category 6 – Gentle

This was totally sporadic, which is sometimes the best way to take photos. We were just in the car and I was snapping photos of the snow. Afterwards, I thought, “could these work for BIBPC?” Obviously I decided that yes, snow is very gentle. I will admit that this photo was taken on my phone instead of a camera, but I still think it looks nice.

Category 7 – Colorful

I made this cake for a party. I wanted it to be galaxy themed, but it doesn’t quite look how I wanted it to. It certainly is colorful though!

Huge thanks to Megan for hosting this! I had fun participating!