Summer TBR

Hey guys! It’s officially summer! (In my mind, summer starts in June…) Since I won’t have to deal with the stressors of school…I plan to do a lot of reading. My goal is to read 25 books in June, July and August. At the beginning of June, I’ve completed 60 books in 2022. So by … More Summer TBR

A Congleramation of Recent Purchases + Birthday Haul

Heya diamonds! It’s that time again…ready for another congleramation of recent purchases? I’ll also be including my birthday haul in this. A lot of the things I bought are for my room makeover, and I’m really happy to share everything with you all! A quick note before we begin, I’m not sharing this haul to … More A Congleramation of Recent Purchases + Birthday Haul

Ways to Read More

Hello diamonds! I know a lot of people like reading, but feel they don’t read enough. Whelp, I read over 100 books last year, so I feel like I have some tips to share on how you can read more. I made this lil graphic in case anyone wants to save it or print it … More Ways to Read More