2021 Recap

Heya diamonds! 2021 is nearly over! I can’t even tell you how I feel about that, because I don’t know… On one hand, 2021 was pretty bad, but then again, 2022 could be worse…let’s try not to be so negative here! I’m going to get right into recapping my year… January I started out the … More 2021 Recap

Reacting To Old Posts {Happy Blogiversary to IH12OP!}

AHHHHHH *ahem* Excuse me… This blog has officially been live for two years! I never really thought this blog would make it this long, especially when I’ve had a lot of inspiration struggles. But currently, I like this blog a lot. I’m happy with it! Truly. When I look at last year’s blogiversary’s post, I … More Reacting To Old Posts {Happy Blogiversary to IH12OP!}

2020 Recap

Hello Guardians. Finally, FINALLY, 2020 is coming to a close. I am so glad that this horrific year is nearly over. I always like reading and writing yearly recaps though, so, let’s recap 2020. I don’t think this is going to be all that postive, but I do want to try to highlight some good … More 2020 Recap