Wanna Find Some Great Blogs?

This is the obligatory button swap page. Fair warning if you want to swap with me…I’m awful at updating this page.

Also, I may remove a blog if no new posts have been published in the past year.

our button
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is build-a-bears-furever.png
http://buildabearsfurever.wordpress.com, my other blog

72 thoughts on “Wanna Find Some Great Blogs?

  1. Hello, Diamond! Could you put my button up again on both of your blogs? I while back I accidently removed it from my page and I think it caused it to be removed form everyone’s blogs I’ve swapped with.🤦‍♀️

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    1. I don’t feel comfortable swapping with you right now. It’s just that you’ve had some copyright issues in the past, and I wouldn’t put a button on my page that leads to a blog that does sketchy things. I hope you can learn how to not violate copyright in the future, and if that happens, I’ll gladly swap with you.


  2. Hi Diamond! Sorry for the second update in a week. Happy Easter! I changed the design of my blog button, will you please update it? Sorry for the update again this week.

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