Recommending Books to My Followers {Blogiversary Celebration}

Hello all! It’s my blogiversary! I’m so excited for today’s post. A few weeks ago I had you all submit requests for book recommendations. Today I’ll be sharing those recommendations! Everyone sent in some great requests, and I’m excited to recommend you all some books! Let’s get started. Vivianne said she liked: 1. Dystopian books!2. … More Recommending Books to My Followers {Blogiversary Celebration}

Tour of My Bedroom

Hey friends! I’m excited about today’s post…it’s a bedroom tour! I technically did a room tour years ago on my other blog, but that was a really long time ago and things have changed since then. You can also see a bit of my room in this post. Anyway, I was able to choose some … More Tour of My Bedroom

Recommending Books to My Followers {Blogiversary Announcement}

Hey guys! Today I’m officially announcing what I’m doing for my blogiversary. I will be recommending books to my readers! The way this works, is you guys will tell me some things you want out of a book(it could be as simple as a book with a red cover, or an element of plot, or … More Recommending Books to My Followers {Blogiversary Announcement}