Let’s recap some of the frightening developments-IH12OP Blog Tour Finale (Collab with Jewel!) and Recap

First of all, I’m really liking using the MCU bible for blog titles. The reference for this one is III Iron Man 9:28. And, as you can probably get from the title, I’m going to recap the blog tour.

I was able to work with some great girls during this tour. I’m really grateful they were all willing to work with me! If you’re thinking of starting a blog, I definitely recommend doing a blog tour. It’s given me a kickstart in the personal blogging community. So, I’m this post, I will first be recapping the tour, sharing the other part to Jewel’s post, and then I will be sharing some blog stats.

If you haven’t read these posts or given these blogs a follow, I highly recommend you do so.

On September 12th,(Launch day!) I wrote a post on here, and announced this blog on Build a Bears Furever.

The next day, September 13th, Mary let me do a guest post on her blog. I shared a Pinterest board inspired by my blog, along with some blogging aesthetics. Mary also has a design service and she designed my button for me! The best part? It’s completely free.

What is the first thing Groot will do after acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet? #groot #iamgroot #gotg #marvel #thanos #infinity #gaunlet

On the 14th, Natalie did an amazing lapel pin tutorial! She even made the number 12!

Okay, day 4 was over on Libby’s blog, and she asked me 20 questions about my blog.

September 16th was day 5, and Jo posted that one. She asked me some more questions about my blog, and we did an awards show for Star Wars and Marvel.(also, her use of gifs was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.)

back to the basement for marvel and star wars__i have 12 % of a plan blog tour.png

Then, Emmie made a really great post on September 17th. She came up with the idea to make a BAB/AG photostory! I really love the way it turned out!

Last, but certainly not least, we have Jewel’s lovely post. We asked each other Marvel and Star Wars questions and it. was. awesome.

Speaking of, here are her answers to the questions:

Do you prefer lightsaber battles or blaster battles?

I prefer lightsaber battles because I think they are more unique and personal for the characters. 

kylo vs rey.jpg

What is your favorite alien character (non-human)?

Chewbacca!!! I adore Chewie. 🙂

Do you prefer the originals, prequels, or sequels better overall?

  I like the sequels probably because I am growing up with them (like those who grew up with the prequels often like the prequels more than others), even though I call The Empire Strikes Back My favorite movie. 

What are 2 of your favorite Star Wars quotes or which ones do you use the most? 

“Hello There!”I say that one a lot, plus when anyone happens to say it in life, movies, etc. I reply, “General Kenobi!” I also like “Tell that to Kanjiklub!” I say it randomly and with an accent. 

tell that.jpg

What are cuter: Porgs or Ewoks? 

Porgs have the biggest, SWEETEST eyes! I love porgs. 🙂

What Marvel TV Show(if any) do you like best?

I’ve only seen part of Agents of Sheild and I haven’t watched any of the TV-MA rated ones or Agent Carter, but I am really excited for the Loki show and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier show that will come out on Disney Plus!

Which Marvel Movie have you seen the most?

Hrm… Probably Avengers, Captain America The Winter Soldier, or Civil War.

cap and nat.jpg

Which alien Marvel character is your favorite?

Does Loki count as an alien? I really enjoyed his arc from a villain to ultimately a hero. 

Who is your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy?

Rocket Racoon. I like his personality and sarcasm. I also tend to appreciate characters who are tough and gruff on the outside but are super sweet and caring on the inside.

What team would you like to be on(i.e. Avengers, Wizards, Revengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, SHIELD)?

I kind of want to say the Avengers because they are classic and basically include all the heroes, but the revengers look so fun… so probably them because they would make me laugh constantly. 


Time for Stats!

Pageviews: 298

Comments: 18

Likes: 28

Visitors: 68

Best views ever: September 17th, 2019

Followers: 25

WOW. This is so awesome! Starting out with all my other blogs, it took me a while to get up to this much recognition. I mean, I have 25 followers and I haven’t even been live for a week? Here’s to hoping that IH12OP continues to grow! Thanks for sticking with me guys!


11 thoughts on “Let’s recap some of the frightening developments-IH12OP Blog Tour Finale (Collab with Jewel!) and Recap

  1. Great post. Also, if I could be a part of any Marvel team it would either be The Avengers or SHIELD. I love how you manage to incorporate Marvel into pretty much every post you do. Marvel is AWESOME. I haven’t read the comics, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah, SHIELD is a pretty great team(unless you’ve got Hydra in the midst) Haha, I might not have Marvel in every post, but certainly a majority! Me neither, but I wonder what they’re like sometimes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. True. Yeah, when I really like something I tend to mention it in almost every post. XD.
    Yeah. There are a lot of them but I haven’t read any. I bet they’re pretty good. Not gonna lie I’ll probably still prefer the MCU.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, I’m excited to see what’ll be happening!

    (Just, um… please don’t spoil any big stuff before I watch Infinity War and Endgame? My friends are making me watch all the movies necessary to finish the series, so… *faints* Because I have watched like, 3 Marvel movies before 2019. Haha. Don’t kill me.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I’m really glad!

      (It’s all good! I’ll try to put up a spoiler warning if I spoil anything too bad. I was the same way, I only got into Marvel around the time GOTG 2 came out. I was like, that looks cool, and watched em all!)

      Liked by 1 person

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