Fall Short Story || Collab with Maggie

Hello friends! It’s nearly Fall, which means it’s time for seasonal Fall posts!

I reached out to Maggie, one of my favorite bloggers, and asked if she wanted to do a Fall themed collab. I’ve been loving her Fall content, and I was glad that she wanted to collaborate with me! She came up with this idea where we write a short story based on the prompts we find for each other. I’m so excited for you guys to see what I came up with based on her prompts!

I love the prompts she chose. They create such a fun Fall aesthetic!

not my image
not my image

Without further ado, my story!

It was the time of year when the air cooled and vibrant green leaves turned to various shades of reds and yellows. I took a deep breath and was calmed by the scent of cinnamon that filled the air. It was finally Fall, my favorite season.

“Hazel,” my little brother called, “let’s do something fun today.”

I grinned at Ash. “I was thinking the same thing.”

Honey, our Golden Retriever, brushed against my legs. “Don’t worry,” I patted her head. “We’d never leave you out.”

We all prepared ourselves for our day of Fall Fun. I chose to wear a knitted brown sweater, a pair of jeans, and a matching denim jacket in case the weather was chilly. I packed a few essentials in my bag, ready to surprise Ash with all of our favorite fall activities.

It wasn’t long before we were ready to go. Ash dressed for the season too, and even Honey joined in, wearing her green sweater. I grabbed my bag and keys while Ash grabbed Honey’s leash.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

Ash nodded, and Honey joined in with an excited bark.

I couldn’t wait to get to our first activity.

I pulled our family SUV into a parking lot titled ‘Cedar Orchards’. As I pulled the key out of the ignition, I glanced over to see the excited look on Ash’s face.

“We’re going to pick apples?”

I pulled two mesh bags out of my bag. “Yup! And then if we have time, maybe we can make an apple pie.”


Honey scratched at the door, and I took that as a sign that it was time to start picking apples. We enjoyed walking through rows of apple trees, carefully selecting our apples. I preferred apples with no blemishes, but Ash chose the largest ones. There wasn’t a lot of conversation to be had as we picked the apples, but it wasn’t an awkward silence. It was a comfortable one.

A couple hours later, our bags were full. We had more apples than we could eat in a month, so we decided it was time to move onto our next activity. Ash thought we were going home after our apple picking excursion, but I had other plans.

Ash stared at me in confusion as I pulled into the parking lot of ‘Second-Hand Stories’.

“We’re going book shopping?” he grins.

I nod. Though our reading tastes differ, we both love reading. I knew he’d love book shopping, and I couldn’t resist seeing what classics filled the shelves. The familiar welcome bell jingled as we walked through the glass door. The owner waved and came over to pat Honey. He welcomed dogs into his store, one reason why Ash and I loved coming here.

Ash darted to the fantasy section as I thumbed through the classics. I had the beginnings of a library at home, but you can never have too many books. I decided to add a worn copy of Anne of Green Gables to my collection. The cover was tattered, but I didn’t mind. It added to the character of the book.

I wandered over to Ash, who was perusing shelves. “Find anything?”

He held out his empty hands. “I want a book about dragons, and I can’t find any that I don’t already have.”

A smirk lit up my face. “I know you don’t normally like classics, but I know of a classic that has dragons that you don’t already have.”

“Fine, what is it?” Ash conceded.

I led him over to the classics section and selected a lovely, illustrated edition of The Hobbit. “Give it a try.”

He sighed, but didn’t protest. “So are we ready to check out?”

I took our books to the check out counter and pulled out the change from my purse.

“There’s one more thing on our agenda,” I said as we walked to the car. I don’t say any more, not wanting to spoil the surprise.

After a scenic drive, we arrived at a pumpkin patch. I opened the hatch of the SUV and spread out the blankets and pillows I’d stashed in the back. I snuggled within the blanket, patting the seat beside me. Ash took the spot and Honey curled up between us. It was cozy. I pulled out our books, and we started to read.

Before we knew it, the sky tinted orange. We’d spent the whole day together.

“Thanks for an awesome day, Hazel.”

I grinned at my little brother. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

I hope you enjoyed that! I realize there wasn’t much of a plot, but it was fun and I loved the vibes. I hope you’re all having a great Saturday.

Don’t forget to check out Maggie’s post.


8 thoughts on “Fall Short Story || Collab with Maggie

  1. Aww I loved this! What a sweet story 😍🧡 I love how you tied in her recommending The Hobbit to him, which matched the picture inspo.
    Thanks sm for doing this with me! I’m so ready for faaaaaall!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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