Summarizing September 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

Hey guys! Happy October!

I hope you all had a great September. Mine was decent, and in this post I’ll be sharing all about September and some goals for October. Let’s start with a mini photo dump from September.

Oh my…did someone steal my radio?

No worries! It was just my dad replacing my old radio with a new one. This one has Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay which makes it so much easier to play music and get my directions.

I got a MacBook at the beginning of the month! I quickly realized that it wasn’t realistic to borrow my dad’s when I was doing full-time school from my laptop. Mine is the rose gold one and I love it so far!

Speaking of school, that is what occupied most of my month. But at least I had a cute little study buddy!

One of my youth leaders invited me and a few other girls out for custard! That was pretty fun.

I’m loving all of the Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby! It’s taking a lot of my self-control not to buy everything.

I also did a fair amount of book shopping in September. I got a few books from a thrift store, some from a library book sale, and a couple of my free books from ThriftBooks.

And finally, another picture of Rocket helping me study.

Reviewing September’s Goals

  • Try yoga(whee)

I tried it a little, but I didn’t really stick with it.

  • Decorate for fall(funnn!)

Yes! It took longer than I’d wanted to, but finally, my house is very autumnal.

  • Get a handle on blogging(for the rest of 2022)

Um…seeing as I’m currently writing this post at midnight the night before it needs to be posted…I don’t think so. I need to make a better plan.

  • Start book(at least get more than 2000 words in)

Ummmm, so I kind of gave up on the WIP I told y’all about? I’ll update you guys in a future post.

  • Sell things (finally)

Actually…I did sell some old stuff. This is still in progress though.

  • Put a radio in my car(future Diamond here…this is already done)

As the parentheses says…

  • Buy a laptop(future Diamond again, also done)

Also…I did this like the first day of October.

October’s Goals

  • Prepare for Christmas (and make a list of various Christmas gifts)
  • Submit school assignments on time (and don’t wait until the last minute)
  • Make a Shein order (including a dress for a wedding in December)
  • Get to 10k in DoA (no, you don’t get a title yet)
  • Prepare for a trip (and maybe make a series about it)
  • Prepare for a smaller trip (will share no details as of now)
  • Read a bunch of library books (plus just books in general)

Okay, that seems like a pretty good list to me! I hope I get to all of these.

IH12OP Posts

I’m pretty proud of my content for this month! I think I did a good job transitioning from Summer to Fall, and hopefully I can do more fun Fall posts in October and November.

BABF Posts

I’m so glad I was able to properly return to BABF this month! Hopefully, I can get even more into the swing of things in October. I feel like I made some really great posts in September though! I’m especially proud of Skipping Stones and Aftershock.

BOOKBallad of Never After by Stephanie Garber


POST – Kaley hosted a blog party and we wrote an epic story in the comments.

SONGBad for Business


I went with a nice cozy sweater theme for October. I’m trying out a more condensed monthly spread this month.


Meals/media and Brain dump…this is pretty standard.


Lastly, I’ve got my tasks, blogging, and habits page.

Alright, there’s my monthly recap! Tell me about your September in the comments, along with some of your goals/things you want to do in October!


4 thoughts on “Summarizing September 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. I want to have lots of camfires and get my school done well.
    Awwe! The cutest study buddy!
    I am guessing your book title: Dreaming of Autumn. I’m sure it’s wrong though🤣
    Wow! That story is epic!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds really fun! I hope you can do those things.
      Ooh, that actually sounds like a really cool book title, but nope, that’s not what the acronym stands for.
      Haha, thank you.


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