Travel Recap || Great Smoky Mountains

Hey guys!

Recently, my family took a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains! It was a short trip and we didn’t do a whole lot, but I got some fun pictures. I thought I’d share them, especially since I’m running low on posts to make. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos!

We brought my dog Rocket! It was his first time in a hotel. He wasn’t a big fan of the car ride though, haha.

He did like the window at the hotel!

We couldn’t go anywhere without Rocket on this trip, so we did a lot of shopping at pet-friendly stores. Rocket quite enjoyed the Build-a-Bear.

The drives were quite scenic. Rocket enjoyed them…sort of.

One place that we could go with Rocket was The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. These salt and pepper shakers even looked like Rocket!

Look at these little hedgehogs!

Rocket was impressed by all the animals.

I really liked all the pop culture ones. Who knew there were so many salt and pepper shakers?

Rocket was tired…lol.

When it was time to go home, we took the scenic route.

You can tell this photo was taken in a moving vehicle…but I like it.

I like the lighting in this photo.

He was so tired…he slept the whole way home!

Ahhh, look how pretty this view is! I’m already anxious to go back.

To end the post, here’s a sleeping Rocket.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos from our short trip! I had a lot of fun and I hope I get the chance to go back someday.

Also, there will be no post on Saturday! I’m a bit busy lately and I was barely able to do even this post. Hopefully, things will calm down soon and then I can get back into my regular posting schedule.

7 thoughts on “Travel Recap || Great Smoky Mountains

  1. awww rocket rocket rocket! 😍😍👏
    those salt and pepper shakers are really cool! goodness there are so many…
    the blurry photo in the moving vehicle is aesthetic 😎💚 it has a nice vibe haha

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