Memorializing May 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

Hey guys!

Whew…May is over! It’s finally June. I have a lot of fun stuff planned for this summer on IH12OP, I can’t wait to share it with you all. As well as taking a moment to review the things that happened in May.

At the beginning of May…I got a car! One of the first things I did, of course, was go book shopping. (it’s not as if I need to save my money to pay off my car or anything…whoops.)

Anyway, I really didn’t plan to buy any books. I went to the bookstore for an entirely different reason. Yet I still wound up with three books. I’m looking forward to reading them all.

Speaking of books, I finished writing the first draft of my book in May! I already forgot that happened xD.

We went to see Multiverse of Madness of course. I liked it…there was definitely some things about it that I didn’t like, but I still enjoyed it.

I took a stressful exam…but I ended up doing ok.

I bought a chair for my bedroom! I like having a place to sit other than my bed now.

I went to my friend’s house and we had a picnic. It was really nice.

Look at my cute dog!

Our A/C broke this month…that wasn’t fun, but it’s fixed now!

My mom and I went to visit some of her family this month. It was a nice visit.

I went to Hobby Lobby…they’ve already got Christmas decor up. Can I start celebrating now?

The fair was in town, so my mom and I went to that. I rode the ferris wheel!

I also started working on Camp Happy Heart! I didn’t get as much done as I’d wanted to, but I think I’ll be alright.

The rest of the month was pretty same-old, same-old. I won’t bore you with the details.

Reviewing May’s Goals:

Finish Betrayal of Thorns(again…)

I did!

Buy a car(or at least come close)

I also did this.

Participate in We Dare You To Blog(I seriously missed out last year!)

I participated in this…it was a lot of fun!

Plan for the summer(yay!)

I did do some summer planning! I doubt I’ll do everything I want to, but whatever.

Blog according to schedule(looks hard)

I think I did? I probably missed some posts though.

See Multiverse of Madness(I don’t want to wait two months again…)


Plot my next WIP(the one with the collage from earlier)

I did actually plot this! I’m feeling very uninspired when it comes to the writing of it though.

Survive(I have a big exam…)

I’m happy to say that I did survive.

Goals for June

  • Write 10k in my summer project(still unnamed)
  • Travel a lot(to multiple places…)
  • Read at least 10 books(…heh. I can probably do this)
  • Don’t buy any books(keep me accountable y’all)
  • Camp Happy Heart(so many posts, so little time)
  • Two posts a week on IH12OP(…we’ll see)
  • Work on Aftershock(because if I don’t…I’ll disappoint a lot of people)

Those are all the goals I’m going to do…I have a lot going on in June.

IH12OP Posts

I posted a LOT in May. Like 13 times. Blame WDYTB. It was fun though!

BABF Posts

So I didn’t post a lot…but I did at least finish L’EE.

BOOK100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

MOVIEMultiverse of Madness

TV SHOW – Moon Knight

SONG – This Love

POST – Kaley launched her new blog!

I found these gold foil rub-ons at Dollar Tree and I had to buy them! I used them in my bullet journal this month since they were summery-themed.


Here’s my title page and the task list. I used purple as my accent color.


Here’s the monthly overview.


I wanted to change up my habits and moods spread this month. Instead of a different color for moods, I’m going to try drawing faces.


Finally, I have my blogging page and my Meals and Media page.

I hope you enjoyed my recap. Let me know how your May went and what you’re planning to do in June!

14 thoughts on “Memorializing May 2022 ~ Monthly Reflections

  1. YAAAAAY GLAD YOU SURVIVED. XD Okay first we have to address this HoBbY lObBy AlReAdY hAs ChRiStMaS DeCoR!? That’s earlier than what I remember them doing last year. XD And, girl, my AC broke at my house this past month too! I mean, that stinks for you… and for me too since I was dying in the heat, BUT it’s insane how that both happened to us. XD And CONGRATULATIONS again on finishing Betrayal of Thorns!!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And good luck on your June goals!!! *cheers you on*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES ME TOO! (let’s hope I survive June…)
      Yeah, I know! Like…May? Admittedly it’s not a lot, but still.
      Oof…I hope it is fixed now. No A/C is no fun. It is a crazy coincidence.
      AHH yes! I need to get back into writing but life is SO crazy right now. I’ll settle for finishing BoT for now.
      Thank you Issabelle!


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